Batman: Noel

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Did anyone else read it? What were your thoughts?

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Haven't read it yet. I'll get back to you once I do.
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@CitizenBane: Without giving away much, did you enjoy it?
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@Morpheus_: I liked it better with a second reading, all in all I'd say it was a good read. The story started out a little weak but grew better slowly. It was quite a good deconstruction of how much Batman's changed and how he's affected the people he commonly interacts with.

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@CitizenBane: Cool beans. Good to hear it's worth the effort.
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I'm going to read it... I wanted reserve it for Christmas eve, but I'm weak I can't support the temptation

I'll tell u my opinion later, when I finish

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I had it this weekend flipping through it at store, I was thinking of buying it but I hadn' heard anything so I wasn't sure if I should. But if you like it I may give it a shot.

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@CitizenBane: Yeah, I got it, but I'm not sure how much I really liked it. I mean the art is gorgeous and all, but I felt like the narration was a little too heavy at times. I also, didn't really like the way Catwoman was drawn, but that's a minor quibble. All in all it was a decent story, but the main draw for me is the gorgeous artwork.

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Is the artwork appropriate for all ages?

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@TheJSquad34: Nothing too racy, or violent. You might have trouble in Catwoman's part (there is a panel of her rubbing up against Batman). Nothing excessive though, but the story is a little mature, and heavy, especially as it wraps up.

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@Mayo88m: I read at the back that Lee Bermejo based his Catwoman look on Michelle Pfeiffer's (which I actually hated). But I felt it looked better here, though I would have preferred the actual look from the comics. As for the writing, I think it very effectively brought out the parallels between Bruce and Scrooge. It used his city and the people in his life in the place of the people in Scrooge's life without trying to make it seem too obvious.

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I read it and I did a review of it. Cool

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