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So we all know Batman doesn't kill, wheras in the older movies (batman to batman and robin) he seems to have no problem with it, I mean, in Batman Returns, he puts dynamite down one of The Penguins goons' trousers, then shoves him down a manhole, it's all very funny, but is it there for a reason or is it just not a very informed script? 
(By the way, i'm not hating on the batman films, I actually love them! I rather liked batman forever, despite what some people say, and batman and robin was a little bit stupid, but it was funny and enjoyable...)
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I'm willing to think those kills were nothing more than writer slip ups and errors they got a couple of other things wrong to. The people of the website Batman-on-Film actually talks about it in one of their podcasts and say how they think it was just the writers not thinking about what they wrote.

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Tim Burton is quoted as saying that he has never read a comic book and anyone that knows him will tell you that he never would. (or something similar, watch the video for the exact quote)  WARNING: video includes course language.

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