Batman is the last survivor in a zombie apocalypse

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So here is the scenario, the Batman is the last survivor left on earth and everyone else are zombies(even other superheroes) does he survive? and if so what does he do in order to survive?

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Yes. Batman equips The Gem of Cyttorak and Becomes Crimson Batman. Then he uses his new-found powers to Wipe out any potential threats to his finding a cure using his superior intellect; which he manages to do several hours/days/weeks later.

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He hides out in the Batcave using zombie-Alfred for experiments. Within a week, he cures everyone and saves the world.

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Batman fakes his own death when the League is zombified, and falls back to the Batcave, isolating it from the rest of the world as he plans. Now if these are the kinds of zombies that can be cured with science, Batman manages to do so with minimal casualties, though the actions of the Zombie League will haunt them and the world for the remainder of their lives, probably leading to a schism that rips the League apart.

If they're the kind that can be cured with magic, then it gets more tricky. Magic in the DC Universe ALWAYS demands a price. To cure all of humanity, it'll probably be the big one. Batman ends up in the clutches of whatever entity he makes a deal with, though the League and humanity is cured. Batman leaves no trace of his actions so the League cannot find or try to save him. The League hunt down and terminate the original source of the plague, partially to stop it from happening again, partially in revenge for Batman. In order to ensure it never happens again, a Justice Lords like scenario takes place, though without Batman's advisement, things get a bit more brutal.

Batman eventually escapes his confines, probably with a great deal of magic in tow, and is forced to take out the Justice Lords, despite their attempts to reconcile with him. Alone in a world that now hates superheroes, Batman most likely dies in a battle with the Joker at an advanced age.

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Poor zombies. :'(

They bite him and his pure awesomeness turns them into Bat-clones.

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