Batman, Green Arrow, Catman & Owlman

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This is a team-up I would like to see.

Green Arrow, Catman & Owlman were in some way all inspired by Batman to become the person they are. And they all have, or have had, equipment styled after Batman's

Catman was originally villian, but has become more of an anti-hero, teetering between a full fledged hero, an anti-hero, and a villain. I think he's actually close enough to hero that Batman could probably persuade him to join a team with him.

For Owlman, I am referring to te Roy Raymond Jr. version of the character; however, I do not know too much about him. Is he closer to Batman's age of Nightwing's? If he s Batman age, then I want to see him with this team, if he is Nightwing's age, than I would rather see him team up with Nightwing and Red Arrow.

How would they work together?

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I also think that it's kind of neat how Green Arrow, Catman and Owlman all have blond hair, do all successful Batman clones ave blond hair?

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sounds interesting

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