Batman crossover stories: Are any of them decent?

#1 Posted by Red_Jack (318 posts) - - Show Bio

Firstly, sorry if this topic has already been raised but I couldn't find one.

I've been reading a lot of Batman comics lately and noticed he's starred in quite a few crossovers.

The ones I know so far

Batman Vs Predator

Batman and Judge Dredd

Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman (holy trinity story)

Batman and Spiderman

Batman and Punisher

Batman and Spawn

Batman and Daredevil (just about to read it. The main reason I bought up this subject)

Batman and Green Arrow

Of all these crossovers I read, I quite liked him Vs predator in the first and third comic. I enjoyed his stories with Judge Dredd, just because the dyanmic between them both is funny. The one with Green Arrow was okay too.

But I don't like any of the others. Especially not his stories with Superman.

The part where he's fighting Spawn and keeps taunting Spawn even when he's absolutely close to death was funny though.

Who thinks Batman should stay away from these silly crossovers?

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I thought Spawn vs. batman, Batman vs. Predator, Captain America/Batman, the first Spider-Man/Batman, JLA/Avengers, Mask/Joker, Batman and Judge Dredd and Batman vs. Incredible Hulk were cool.

Well batman needs to be with other DC characters in crossovers since they share the same universe.

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Batman/ Judge Dredd was amazing. I think crossovers show how our hero would react to different environments and characters. Im all for a good crossover

#4 Posted by Selinaky (692 posts) - - Show Bio

I enjoy Batman/Superman crossovers, they just have a fun and interesting dynamic.

#5 Posted by Jakesully1981 (362 posts) - - Show Bio

@selinaky well they belong in the same universe and JL is a crossover of the heroes as he enjoys being part of the team

#6 Posted by Red_Jack (318 posts) - - Show Bio

I suppose the Batman Superman dynamic is the most interesting. Superman is the one guy you don't really see get constantly owned by Batman.

I guess I just didn't like the one where he meets the punisher. I thought it was a bit naff. The one where he meets Spiderman didn't really impress me much either. Too much caution to ensure one doesn't look better than the other.

#7 Posted by BatWatch (4244 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Batman vs. Predator and Batman and Spider-Man (though the final fight scene was stupid). I liked both the Batman vs. Punishers (one was with Wayne and the other with Valley).

I did read Batman and Daredevil, yet I do not remember it in the slightest, so I am going to say that one must have sucked or I would have recalled it.

I enjoy many Batman and Superman teamups, but the book that ran throughout the 00's definitely had some dry spells in the writing department.


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