Batman chronological order help?

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I'm new to the batman comic books and starting at Batman: Year One. I'm looking to read them in somewhat chronological order. What is confusing the crap out of me is I see all of these story arcs,(which I some-what understand it from that point) and these lists of them in order. What I'm not comprehending is I finished year one, (loved it), but now I'm kinda told to go read Shaman, to follow it chronologically, but I also see that in issue number, from Year One #404-407, it also goes into Batman: The New Adventures #408, etc. Are these critical to follow? Or should I not waste my time with them and just follow the story arcs? Are these included in another arc later? I realize the issue numbers won't match correctly due to release dates, authors, etc, but I don't want to move ahead and miss apart of the story if that makes any sense. HELP!

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This is the list I'm referencing:

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You are talking about the now-"Old" continuity, which has since now became as "continuity" as Pre-Crisis was the continuity between 1955 to 1985-6, with some elements remaining, while many others became obsolete since, doesn't matter anymore, with another "Earth" or "Crisis".

Continuity Now, start with many of the volume twos (Batman, Detective Comics, Dark Knight, Batman Incorporated, Nightwing, Batman & Robin) a volume three (Batgirl) and even a volume four (Catwoman) go from there.

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The new 52 was designed to work around these kinds of things, so you could ignore it if you wanted to and just follow batman from the new 52. 
The thing is, with lists like the one you linked to, there have been many batman stories over the years that are set in Batman's early years, some of them are more important than others. The list s actually very detailed but its based on trades and graphic novels, not the individual issues they were originally printed on. I think you would be mad to try and do it issue by issue. Also, a lot of those stories are now out of print, so they can be expensive to but on the internet.
As for the story, most of them don't have any relevance later on, the main ones after Year One are  The Man who Laughs and Long Halloween/Dark Victory. But yeah, just follow the story arcs, don't bother hunting down every last issue.

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