Batman: Black Mirror

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So I need help. I have an obsessive compulsive issue when it comes to seeing Bruce in comics. In fact, I refuse to buy a comic or graphic novel if Bruce isn't in it in some way shape or form.

Batman: The Black Mirror is coming out tomorrow in TPB and I know it features Dick as Batman. So my question to you is, is it ever explicit that its Dick under the cowl (I know he is but bear with me!)? OR can I somehow twist it in my head that it is Bruce under there?

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No, its dick

You see him withour the suit and the james gordon jr story doesnt work with bruce

#3 Posted by arnoldoaad (1038 posts) - - Show Bio

Its Dick under the cowl but Black Mirror might be the best Batman Comic with Dick on the cowl as well as one of the best Batman comics ever made so i recommend you to grab it

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It's pretty good. It feels like a real Batman comic, even with Dick as Batman

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I don't like when dick was batman, he become broody..

#6 Posted by MuyJingo (2724 posts) - - Show Bio

@ccraft said:

I don't like when dick was batman, he become broody..


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