Batman Beyond>>>Batman TAS

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I agree.

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Eh, I like em both really. Though Beyond I wanna say takes a slight lead, if only because its a different Batman who is new and has different issues and everything and its not the same old same old Bruce that everyone has seen for like 60+ years. Terry does get the short end of the stick though, which is kinda a shame cause he could make a great future Batman seeing as he was molded in from the start to become Batman, so it fits nicely.

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I don't agree at all.

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get out!

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They're the same show with different time periods. Hard to say one's better than the other.

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Justice League was the best until it turned JLU.

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I have recently just started watching the animated series and have bought Beyond as well so look forward to it. TAS is fantastic though. I was thinking of getting The Batman as well, the one from the "noughties" but I have heard that it isn't great.

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I do like both. But I very much prefer Batman:TAS. It may start out a bit lacking but as it goes on it just keeps getting better and better.

TAS has a bit of an unfair advantage over Beyond being that so many iconic characters are readily available for use whereas Beyond ends up making up a lot of their characters and stories.

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I prefer Beyond too. Terry Mcginnis stole the show, in my opinion. I loved his interaction with Bruce, the suit, and his struggle with everyday life. The one thing I think TAS lacked was showing Bruce's human side and struggle. If I remember correctly, we only saw Bruce at his parents' grave, on dates, etc. I disliked the ending of Beyond, though. Having Terry's dad's DNA be rewritten was completely bizarre. In addition, I liked Terry before he became so buff. The agile, fast look of the bat-suit is awesome. However, when Bruce or Terry look like beefcakes inside, the traditional comic book figure silliness is evident. I loved it in JL, but I did not like it much in any of the Batman series.

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You are just like my little bro. I prefer the older one, he prefers Beyond.

Different strokes...

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It was lighter and less heavy, but i have to be honest, TAS has to be the best animated Superheroe cartoon ever, i mean it was dark and deep.

But both show are better that the Justice Legue ones, those ones are bastly overrated.

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You be trolling

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@InnerVenom123 said:

They're the same show with different time periods. Hard to say one's better than the other.

Exactly, you really can't have Batman Beyond without Batman: TAS. They're both in the same universe and follow the same continuity, so really Batman Beyond could easily be seen as another season of Batman: TAS with just a huge time jump.

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Beyond was the darkest. The way they ended the episodes, they finished on a depressing note. Unlike JL and sometimes TAD.

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