Batman #673!! Black not Blue!

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Batman 673 was a great issue. I loved the depiction of the earliest version of Batman. "Horned" cowl and plain black gloves. I've always disliked the blue color scheme in the Bat-costume, Jet black and gray is more appropriate. I'd love to see him go back to his earliest "look" for a while. And the spooky "shadow" laugh was a kick too.

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Yeah I liked this issue too, though I'm a bit confused, is that really happened to Joe Chill or is it just the fake Batman messing with him?

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I think its just grant morrisons's version of what happend to Joe Chill. There's the version where Joe Chill has a heart attack after finding out Bruce Wayne is Batman and the version where a bunch of gangsters kill Joe for creating The Batman (but forgetting to ask what Batman's secret identity is,natch.) I like morrison's version best.

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ah that's cool, you wouldn't happen to know what issue those versions are would you? And welcome to the vine.

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They dealt with Joe Chill before. It was sorta similar to this. Check out

I also remember a version where Joe finds out he "created" Batman. He brags to his buddies and they kill him because he's to blame. Then they're like, Oh, we should've asked him who Batman was first. Doesn't sound like that's from the above according to wiki. Can't remember where I read that then.

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It was without any doubt the best issue of Batman since Morrison joined the book

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