Batman 663

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Has anyone else read this issue?

I don't know what to make out of it. It literally took me like three tries to read the thing. It's not a comic book. It's a bunch of text with scattered pictures. I don't have anything against reading but what's goin' on? I've always gone back and forth with Morrison. I know some people just love his stuff. I'm not sure if his need to re-vamp Joker was needed or if it even worked. My major gripe is parts were just hard to follow. I re-read certain parts and couldn't figure out what happened. Did Joker slice up and then stitch his face? Did he slice up Harley's. The text just wasn't clear.

But hats off to DC for trying something different and not letting word get out before the issue hit the stands. I just hope they don't try this again. The comic based novels just always feel kinda cheap to me.

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Post Deleted.

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I haven't read it, but it's not sounding too great....

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I haven't read it, Batman isn't one of my regular reads. But I agree with the sentiment on Morrison, he can be hit and miss. Some of his JLA stuff was great, some bad for instance.

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Batman is one of my regular reads but sadly enough..i have not read isn't sounding too great but it has a sweet cover :)

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I applaud them for trying to do something different but it just seems like it wasn't handled properly. It's not like us readers can't read but when you buy a comic, you do have certain expectations. This could've been a good issue but parts were just so unclear. The writing was just left so vague and the limited pictures didn't help. You would think with all the extra "words" it should've been overly clear as to what was happening. Overall it just feels like a big gimmick on DC's part that didn't go quite as planned.

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i want to say something how do you battle?

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Haven't read it. Whats the big difference in his take on Joker?

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god i hated that issue it was so ahk i read the first 3 pages and stopped

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It wouldn't have been so bad if A) we had prior notice and not have it flung on us, and B) if it was easier to follow. The few pictures didn't follow the entire story. It's just weird that since there were so many "words," it should've been more descriptive. I felt it wasn't really clear what was going on the entire time. I regret having bought it. It didn't feel like it was necessary or really added anything worth while.

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I got annoyed by it. I like reading, really I do. Yet, for me, comics are more about the art with the story and text being a secondary thing. If you want to do a story like this put out a book, don't do it in a comic. I tried reading it a couple times but just couldn't get into it.

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Honestly, i haven't read it. I think I saw a sneek peek on the DC comics website (I'm not sure) - realistic art, sorta dark,.. Anyway ..if it's as bad as those who claim to have read it say, then I really have to give it to the cover artists. they really make peops buy a lott crap!

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i can't get onto that page

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