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Hello everybody,

I'm using this forum as somewhat of a "Reaction Page". I have an idea, and I would appreciate it very much if I could get some honest feedback from all of you guys. Here's the question:

What would your reaction be if I told there is a Batman-themed convention being planned as we speak. Being held (POSSIBLY) next July in Chicago, IL, USA, the 3 day convention would high-light 2 days of Q and A's from the cast/directors of the most recent Batman (The Dark Knight) Trilogy, cosplay competitions, Batman-related booths/vendors, Batman video-game-competitions, Gotham-City-themed-food, and a whole day (what we're calling Movie Marathon Monday), where we rent out a 4200 seat theater to sit down and watch Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises in one day (don't worry; there will be intermissions in between each movie!).

If you can, PLEASE reply below with a simple answer like "Yes!", "Eh. . .", "Nah, I'm good.", etc.

Again, I appreciate any feedback, especially quick (i.e. by the end of August)!


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If I lived in Chicago I would probably check it out.

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@batcon: I would do Batcon, but you make it seem that Batman is all Nolan with some extra stuff...If you focused on TV Shows, and Comics which would be more relevant especially in a years time where Nolan is the past. In fact I would rather see a first showing the most upcoming Batman project than the Nolan trilogy since I have seen them all in a row (when Rises came out). Oh and planning it in California would make things easier for me to attend

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I'd say why is there a con with just Batman. Then I'd say Chris Nolan's gonna be there? Then I'd go give him a piece of my mind about Rises. Then ask him to sign my Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-Ray boxset. Then I'd sit in and watch all the Nolan movies and eat Catwoman ( Cause the Gotham themed food....wink wink). Then I'd go home and be satisfied with my life. But then I'd wake up from this dream and realize I live in California and I can't go the end.

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@ultrastarkiller: THIS EXACTLY!!! Except the part about give him a piece of my mind about Rises. I liked Rises.

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So pretty much Superman Celebration?

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To be honest, i rather watch the Batman animated movies over the nolan ones.

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To answer the op question, yes I would go to this

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id go

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