Awesome Toy Picks: Zur-En-Arrh Batman

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Every week we take a select a comic book collectible and take a close look at it. That means taking it out of the package. This week we're going to look at a Batman figure. Most people like Batman. Most people have several different versions of Batman action figures. This one is a little different. Let's take a look at Planet-X Batman, aka Zur-En-Arrh Batman.

This is one of the figures in the current Batman Unlimited line from Mattel. What's interesting about this choice is we essentially have two separate versions in the comics. The original was actually an alien named Tlano from another planet, Planet-X. The planet is also referred to as Zur-En-Arrh. You can see the back of the package has some information on him (although there is one typo).

What makes this odd is the art that is used on the package. You can see it's from the Batman: R.I.P. storyline, which was actually Bruce Wayne, when he was a little messed in the head.

Regardless of this and the fact that Bat-Mite is included even though he doesn't have anything to do with him either, it's a cool figure to have. Bat-Mite was (sort of) involved with Batman when he was going through his crazed Zur-En-Arrh phase in R.I.P.

This is actually the second Bat-Mite Mattel has recently released. If Zur-En-Arrh Batman wasn't enough, getting Bat-Mite is definitely a sweet bonus. His head, arms and legs do have some articulation.

The figure also comes with...a baseball bat. Because this is when Bruce Wayne was out of sorts, he put together a hodge podge costume. The bat was something he picked up. You can even see the cellphone he used and attached to his utility belt. The seams in the costume add a nice touch along with the tattered cape.

As with the previous line, there is a slightly strange look with some of the articulation. I never understood the need for the stomach articulation. It just adds a giant seam in the figure. His legs are a little awkward when standing still. He does look better if you try reposition the legs in a more action stance.

I mentioned the previous Bat-Mite. He was included in a K-Mart exclusive in the Batman Legacy line. (You can see pics of those figures HERE).

I figured, why not include that Bat-Mite here as well. They are a little different and would probably drive this Batman even more bonkers. The Bat-Mite here doesn't look too happy about it either.

I guess two Bat-Mites are no match for a crazy Batman with a baseball bat.

I can't say how easy this figure would be to find. I actually picked him up at WonderCon for $20. His sculpt isn't perfect. There have definitely been better sculpted ones, but this is Zur-En-Arrh Batman. The minor complaints can be overlooked for the fact that this is crazy Batman. Plus he comes with a Bat-Mite.

Let us know what you think of this figure. We'll take a look at another collectible next time.

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Its pretty lame that they clearly based this figure off Batman during R.I.P but then advertise him as the Golden Age Batman of zur en arrh. The details like how tattered his cape is and the patchwork seams on the costume along with the bat and the phone on his belt are very nice touches.

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I enjoy this image too much.

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Its ok but just feel its a bit of a rip off,maybe just the big fans purchase only?

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I just read the database info on tlano. It makes sense that this was used in the silverage and then used by bruce in the modern age. I like the device that was used in making modern bruce revisit a silver age character that would not make sense today but still is interesting as heck to look at because that is one cool costume.

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I am not a fan of action figures... more of a statue collector... but this is a nice piece! I LOVE Batman RIP and therefore, would love to have a Zur En Arrr Batman!

But its weird thatthey describe him as being the silver age version, when its clearly Morissons Zur En Arrrr Batman. I also think that it would maybe sell better, if they would say its a crazy version of Bruce Wayne, instead of an alien named Tlano.

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I've always liked the ZEA costume, it was one of my favorite looks and Tony Daniel drew the &*^% out of it. So it's kinda disappointing that this figure looks less than impressive. The colors are too bright, and I feel like the sculpt isn't as ragged as it could be. The bat's a nice touch, but I can't believe they didn't give him a Bat-Radia!

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I was excited to get it. It isn't opened. Just on the shelf with all my other packages batman toys. It's still a great edition though.

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I always like this topic of articles

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It reminds me of a bootlegged Batman figure lol.

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my shop yesterday had all their figures on sale 20% off, and i had a tough time choosing between this one, Impulse, Kingdom Come Aquaman, Catman, and Hawkman. I got Hawkman.

...and thats my story.

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Nice! I found found this toy line at Target for $15.00 lol

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lol so odd.

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My comic shop has one of these, was considering buying it, but I haven't bought any action figures in sooo long.

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This makes me wanna read Morrison's epic again.

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Dig it. Was hoping they'd make a zur en arrh figure. Don't like how snoty bat-mite looks though. Cellphone? umm bat-radia.

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Funny how I saw this exact action figure, yesterday, at Free Comic Book Day at my local comic shop

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that costume... ? what were they thinking..

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I saw this at my local comic shop yesterday. It was right next to New-52 Batgirl and Injustice: Gods Among Us Batman.

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Haha, Zur-en-Arrh knocking out two Bat-Mites is classic for me. Just classic.

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It's all about the Bat-mite. Also I think the line here saying "Most people have several different versions of Batman action figures." may have been overstating thing a bit.

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@noj said:

Its pretty lame that they clearly based this figure off Batman during R.I.P but then advertise him as the Golden Age Batman of zur en arrh. The details like how tattered his cape is and the patchwork seams on the costume along with the bat and the phone on his belt are very nice touches.

That's how I felt

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I love how Bat-Mite looks like a grumpy old man who's been cosplaying for far too long!

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I've been trying to find this figure at our local target because I like the Zurr-en-Arrh bit from RIP so much. The costume looks insane, but it's a great plotpoint from Morrison's story, so it serves a purpose. The bat-radia, baseball bat, and Bat-Mite are nice touches, too.

I'm going to try again tomorrow to track one down; hopefully they'll have it instock then.

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