Awesome Toy Picks: Montegrappa Limited Edition Batman Pen, Watch and Cufflink Box Set

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Posted by G-Man (40335 posts) - - Show Bio

Each week we take a look at cool comic book collectibles. Usually we focus on action figures but we have sometimes looked at other items such as statues. This week we're looking at a Batman collectible. It's a different type of collectible. We're going to look at a Batman pen box set.

Warner Bros. and Montegrappa have teamed up for this product. Montegrappa is Italy's oldest manufacturer of fine writing implements. Let's just be clear, these are not ordinary pens. These are high quality. Montegrappa has been making these pens for 100 years.

You'll notice this box is pretty big for just a pen. While the pen is limited to 1939 pieces (get it, 1939, the year Batman was created?), the box set is limited to only 500 pieces. The packaging is very impressive. Opening this box reveals another box inside a bag.

Inside is an incredible looking sturdy box with a fancy Bat-emblem on it.

Opening the box reveals a backdrop of Gotham City.

The image is behind a piece of plexiglass.

But the real question is, what's in the box?

Again, the box set is limited to only 500 sets. The cufflinks and watch are exclusive to this set.

As for the pen, it's made of aluminium with a black anodized finish. The clip is ruthenium-plated brass and the surface is engraved with bats in flight.

The cufflinks are jet-black representations and are basically the Batman logo in three dimensions, with the bat shape cut out to expose a surface of carbon fibre. The back is also numbered.

The watch is based on Montegrappa NeroUno watches. It's powered by a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement.

The watch has a 42mm stainless steel case and the back is engraved with the Batman logo. The watch is also water resistant up to 50m.

The side is also engraved with the Montegrappa name. This is a very solid watch. It has a nice heft to it that makes it feel nice and sturdy.

Underneath the display portion is almost a hidden compartment. Inside you'll find the certificat of authenticity along with a booklet describing how the pen was made as well as some history and art of Batman.

How much does all this cost? It's not cheap. These Italian Montegrappa pens are high quality. Dave "Captain Cascader" Snider did the fancy pen test with it on me. He took a sheet of paper, put it on my back and wrote. I didn't feel a thing.

The pens can be found at retailers carrying Montegrappa products. Doing a search on, the pen itself retails for about $2600.00. The limited edition box set (limited to 500) retails for about $5000.00. Those are not typos. These are fine Italian-made pens (as is the watch and cufflink).

This pen, watch and cufflink is something Bruce Wayne would proudly use.

Here's a video look at the unboxing of the set:

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#1 Posted by MACarpenter (14 posts) - - Show Bio

This is awesome but I could never afford it.

#2 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Geez, that limited boxed set costs more than my monthly holds would for 2 years straight...wayyy too much for my taste.

#3 Posted by turoksonofstone (13826 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to hand it to these guys it takes a special kind of audacity to believe you make a pen worth 2-5,000 dollars. I am also kind of offended by this sort of "tie-in" merchandise. "Look! we put a Bat logo on it!" retails for about $5000.00???????? That would buy a whole lot of Comic books or food or a car or a vacation. the fact that it comes from Italy is also pretty lame. $5000.00 would buy a crapton of American pens.

#4 Posted by RedCoat83 (12 posts) - - Show Bio

My penmanship is too ugly to spend $5000

#5 Posted by MrShway88 (721 posts) - - Show Bio

If only I had $5000 to spare. *sigh*

#6 Posted by Cyborg6971 (204 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish I had a disposable income for off the wall batsheet items like this, it looks incredible.

#7 Posted by dreamfall31 (610 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow! That's pretty cool. Awesome to see you guys and the site are big enough to be sent something this expensive and extravagant!

#8 Posted by G-Man (40335 posts) - - Show Bio

Go to amazon and do a search for Montegrappa. There are other pens that are selling for way more than this one.

#9 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

not worth 5k

#10 Posted by G-Man (40335 posts) - - Show Bio

@Cavemold: Only 500 sets in the world. Well, 499 other sets since we have this one.

#11 Posted by turoksonofstone (13826 posts) - - Show Bio

if you can afford 5k for a pen you are rich to an almost comical degree IMO.

#12 Posted by Waddly_Hobbins (22 posts) - - Show Bio

5 grand pen, cufflinks and watch....or 5 grand worth of comics, hardcovers, statues, figures, and t-shirts.....

Easy decision if you ask me.

If I was a billionaire and couldn't figure out ways to get rid of my money fast enough, maybe the pen would seem like a decent way to dump a few grand.

#13 Edited by longbowhunter (8935 posts) - - Show Bio

I was so game until I saw the price. I love superhero watches. Wearing this one right now. 

#14 Posted by YourCounterpoint (40 posts) - - Show Bio

5000 for… a pen, cuff links and a watch? no thank you.

#15 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

For 2600 I hoped that pen would shoot tiny tranquilizer darts.

#16 Posted by danhimself (21343 posts) - - Show Bio


I would wear a suit everyday just so I could have them on me all the time

#17 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man said:

@Cavemold: Only 500 sets in the world. Well, 499 other sets since we have this one.i

just because theres low production number shouldnt raise the vaule. The watch does not look amazing either

#18 Edited by Fantasgasmic (1092 posts) - - Show Bio

I gotta say, for the price, I am less than impressed. So much of it is very close to "perfect" but to me that makes it all the sadder that its not. The box looks nice, personally I'd like the old DC logo but the one on there is still way better than the crappy current one. The bag is a bag, no comment. The case looks NICE, but when you open the lid… this is where the phrase "close but no cigar" comes to mind. You know it's Gotham because there's a giant embossed bat-symbol on the outside but it's been depicted so many ways across the years you really can't tell where it is from the picture alone. I'm not saying put Batman on a rooftop but maybe the bat signal in the sky or signage for Axis Chemical or the Iceberg Lounge like in Arkham City. Cuff links look good, not black enough but that could just be the lighting. They'd look better with the bat-symbol raised, not cut out. The pen looks nice if oddly conical. I like pens that don't have a tapered back like that, more cylindrical, and with a more distinct tip. A gold plated one would go nicely, fountain tip would really up the snazziness, but its easy to go overboard. I don't really like the use of The Dark Knight bat-symbols on it, I'd prefer the one on the certificate. It's a minor change but I think TDK logo doesn't look as timeless. I do like the way the bats are laser etched on, and the vaguely bat-ish clip ( although that could just be the camera angle) I gotta say the watch is the one that I just plain don't like. It doesn't look black enough to me on the whole. A matte finish carbon fiber band would be more Batman-y than the shiny one. The hands look pretty dumb, the rotating symbol second hand especially seems like the kind of $50 Fossil watch I almost bought in 7th grade. I was hoping for something more subtle. Something classy, like Bruce Wayne would wear, but with some bat-embellishments. The watch face just seems too kiddy. I really wanted to love this but it got further from my ideal versions the more I looked at it. That's my subjective opinion. If you like it all the more power to you.

#19 Posted by mightypug78 (372 posts) - - Show Bio

how did you get your paws on such an expensive piece???

#20 Edited by Darkhero (5 posts) - - Show Bio

If only I was as rich as batman I would buy this pen. I'm also glad to see you do some more unusual collectibles.

#21 Posted by fluffypigeons (259 posts) - - Show Bio


#22 Posted by Trevel8182 (755 posts) - - Show Bio

So Awesome!

#23 Posted by Loki9876 (3328 posts) - - Show Bio

5000 dollars hmm next time

#24 Posted by annafh (22 posts) - - Show Bio

Pffttt, I just want the box.

#25 Posted by WaveMotionCannon (6751 posts) - - Show Bio

Screw the pen I'd get a Montblanc for less. How much is the watch ?$600?
If it had a metal band I'd get it.

#26 Posted by Manbehindthewires (361 posts) - - Show Bio

The watch looks cheap for something coming in a $5000 set. Love the cufflinks though, such a shame they're exclusive!

#27 Posted by Kiddevil (7509 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe if I sell my neighbors...

#28 Posted by geoff2005 (213 posts) - - Show Bio

for $2000 + watch is a little childish looking. i like the pen and cuff links though

#29 Posted by Crimsonlord53 (1541 posts) - - Show Bio

So glad I,m not a batman fan.

#30 Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf (7474 posts) - - Show Bio

I will wait for the used versions to go on sale on Amazon or Ebay :P

#31 Posted by Dakens son (444 posts) - - Show Bio

You got to be a really serious bat-man addicted junkie to buy that!

Just how many Bat-maniacals are out there?

#32 Posted by Tradewindrain (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Not classy enough, ironically enough.

#33 Posted by BritishMonkey (356 posts) - - Show Bio

That is one expensive pen...

#34 Posted by seanord (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, now that's some margins on that 5k.

#35 Posted by KnightRise (4811 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome Toy Picks: G-Man is better than all of us edition


#36 Posted by gorillazman2012 (22 posts) - - Show Bio

"A comic book collectible unlike any you've seen before. Something Bruce Wayne would definitely buy."

Bruce Wayne would not buy this, it would draw attention to the fact that he's Batman

#37 Posted by ALFMutant (185 posts) - - Show Bio

Nobody touch it, it's mine.

#38 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1743 posts) - - Show Bio

@WaveMotionCannon said:

Screw the pen I'd get a Montblanc for less. How much is the watch ?$600? If it had a metal band I'd get it.

God, I would totally buy the watch if it was sold by itself. It's so gorgeous :D

#39 Posted by HollowPrince665 (97 posts) - - Show Bio

I wants....but I am poor as hell....damn College....damn teaching salary that I'll get when I graduate...*sigh*

#40 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

This is all well and good, but putting the INSANE price aside, what would a female like me want with cufflinks?

#41 Posted by ReadItNow (180 posts) - - Show Bio

Tony, you get the best SWAG

#42 Posted by pikahyper (15356 posts) - - Show Bio

They sent you guys one of these for free???? Seems odd to give away something so limited and expensive, I'm sure this isn't the only site that got one and maybe some industry folks so between 5-10 would be given away 25k-50k worth of sales just gone o.o

#43 Posted by Joelislegend (231 posts) - - Show Bio

wow so expensive for a watch that looks like you bought it at Toys R Us.

#44 Posted by The_Vein (171 posts) - - Show Bio

That's a fancy pen and a nice pair of cuff links, but that watch looks like something I'd buy at the mall for $20.

#45 Posted by G-Man (40335 posts) - - Show Bio

@gorillazman2012: Pft, Batman Inc. Of course he would use a Batman pen.

#46 Edited by AWeekInGeekdom (238 posts) - - Show Bio

For my tastes it's not worth 5k for just a bat themed pen (will replacement ink be worth a fortune as well?) but kudos to whomever can afford it! :P

#47 Posted by sdunham818 (100 posts) - - Show Bio

@turoksonofstone said:

I have to hand it to these guys it takes a special kind of audacity to believe you make a pen worth 2-5,000 dollars. I am also kind of offended by this sort of "tie-in" merchandise. "Look! we put a Bat logo on it!" retails for about $5000.00???????? That would buy a whole lot of Comic books or food or a car or a vacation. the fact that it comes from Italy is also pretty lame. $5000.00 would buy a crapton of American pens.

I would have to agree with turoksonofstone, this is over the top swag for people who have money to burn but probably are clueless on Batman Mythology. Simply buying something with a logo that is high end merchandise.

#48 Posted by Mandrewgora (304 posts) - - Show Bio

classy lookin.

#49 Posted by ScreamingGhost (82 posts) - - Show Bio

For 5,000 dollars I'd expect something far more classy and less gaudy. Thats cool that DC sent Comicvine this expensive gift/freebie but I just can't see why anyone of a modest income would spend the money. Before seeing the price I figured a couple hundred maybe but the watch and the pen just doesn't look that impressive. It would have been nice to see a more reserved and suddle approach to the designs. Getting rid of the bright yellow bat symbol in the watch and toning down all the bat symbols across each. Something where you wouldn't notice immediatley it was comic paraphernalia but just a fancy watch and pen.

#50 Posted by Smurfboy (480 posts) - - Show Bio

Guys, remember that once you buy it, it will likely to become more than $10,000+ in couple of years (assuming that the item is nearly 100% mint). Probably $1 million in 30+ years? Never know!!

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