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So this is a thread idea I got from a forum like 10 years ago and I haven't seen it come up here at all. So this is a game where one person asks a question about Batman. The next post must answer the above question, and ask their question. You cannot post without answering the previous question, and without asking a question. And the only question you can answer is the one above yours. You can correct an answer (only if its factual, if its opinionated then you leave it alone).

So if my question was, who does Batman love the most. and the next person says catwoman you can't go in and say no I have more evidence that he loves robin more. But if someone asks what is Batmans origin story and someone says the court of owls you can correct them and say no its been presented in multiple comics but the most popular, canon, and well received one is Batman: Year One.

Hopefully that makes sense! So i'll start it off!

Who is the current Clayface in DCnU?

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Basil Karlo

Who was the first live actor to play Batman?

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I'm assuming you mean movies or serials so I am gonna say Lewis Wilson.

Who's the voice of Batman, Adam West or Kevin Conroy?

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@batshrine: Correct but I don't understand what you are asking. They both voiced Batman plus many more.

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@batshrine: Kevin Conroy. Didn't say the answer can't be opinions.

Why is the Riddler so lame?

EDIT: If you want to get technical, Conroy is the only appropriate answer to that question anyways, as I believe West only ever portrayed Batman in the live action show, which contained his likeness as well as his voice.

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@MrShway88: It was an opinion question. And you can't answer without asking! End_Boss is good though

And my answer: The riddler isn't lame, just been getting lame writers, lets hope Snyder knows what to do with the Riddler.

When did Batman get the yellow oval on his chest?

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