Any good stories from Batman's first 5 weeks?

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Hi all... I was wondering if anyone knew of any good stories that take place during Batman's first five weeks. This would be between the end of Shaman chapter 1 and when Batman storms the dinner party in Batman Year One (the "...none of you are safe." scene). I'd really like to read some good stories of him testing out his equipment and getting a feel for "patrolling" the city if any exist, but I can't seem to find any. So far the only possible candidates I've found don't seem to work out right... They are "Superman: One Night in Gotham" (that force field he uses seems a bit too high-tech to be within his first five weeks, so I place this after the SWAT fight in Year One), "Four of a Kind: Poison Ivy" (Batman feels a bit too established in this for it to be within his first five weeks, plus Gordon seems to trust him, so I place this after he saves Gordon's family in Year One), and "Clay" (can't be cannon since it is the wrong version of Clayface). Hopefully someone here will know of ones I haven't found yet. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Batman 0 maybe

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Thanks for the response Stormbox... but this does not look like it would be what I want. I read a few reviews of Batman 0 and it doesn't seem to make any sense continuity-wise... One review states "The issue features a young Bruce Wayne six years before becoming Batman trying to fight crime and do good, simply as himself (though still in disguise)"... but Bruce Wayne would not even BE in Gotham City six years before becoming Batman... he would still be abroad training on how to fight crime... Maybe this is some weird "New 52" thing? If so, then I guess I should specify I don't want anything having to do with the "New 52". I had a hard enough time just compiling my reading list just for the post-crisis / pre-new-52 continuity. I don't want to try to open the "New 52" can of worms and have all of the stories I plan on reading no longer make any sense. Plus from what I read, Batman 0 does not even contain Batman at all in it, so it would definitely not be what I'm looking for.

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Found "Got a Date with an Angel" which fits...... still can't find any others though. Bummer. :(

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@bsaltzer: I believe Batman 0 was set 6 years before current events in the Batman ongoing, not 6 years before he became Batman

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Batman #0's actually set 6 years ago from the present, since superheroes have been active for 5 years in the New 52. So it isn't set before Bruce's training, but after he returns to Gotham. And yes, it features Batman testing his equipment and stuff like that. Yeah, he's not Batman but he does fight crime.

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