Am I the only one that dislikes Batman Inc??

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I know I am probably going to get flamed for making this topic, but what the hell:

I'm sorry, I know a lot of people enjoy Grant Morrison's work on Batman Inc. I am just not one of them. I don't have any gripes with any particular issue, just with the concept of Batman Inc. as a whole. Other than the main Bat-Family, I really couldn't care less about El Gaucho, Nightrunner or the rest of them. I do, however, find the idea of Leviathan pretty intriguing and wish they would divulge more information about them. The only thing I really know about it is that Talia runs it, and apparently they have undercover agents EVERYWHERE.

Second complaint - I really hate the artwork on this series. It really bugs me and makes it hard to enjoy the story they are trying to tell.

Third complaint - The Heretic. I like that they made a physically dominate foe for Batman to struggle with, but the fact that he is a physically altered clone of Damien that was harvested in the stomach of whale thing I find completely ridiculous.

Last complaint - What Morrison has done to Jason Todd. I refuse to refer to him as "Wingman." For starters I think that his willingness to work with Bruce and the rest of Batman Inc. would be completely out of character for Jason until the events of RHATO #18 where he and Bruce sort of buried the hatchet. I also don't get the continuity of it. In the last issue of RHATO, Jason was still suffering from his acid-facial from the Joker but in Inc. there is no mention or after effects from it.

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I am also not a fan and I love Morrison. I dropped it after issue 6 and I'm surprise I lasted that long. I did pick up issue 8 cause who didn't. I also hate the art. It is way to cartoony and I can't take the story serious.

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Not a fan either.

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Not a fan, either. Especially considering recent developments T_____T

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- No, you're not alone at all.

- I personally hate Grant Morrison for multiple reasons, and i seriously hate the art in this book.

- Between Morrison's convoluted story , the utterly ridiculous artwork, and the inconsistency in continuity that this book causes, i'll just say that i'm not a fan of this book.

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Not a fan either, I'm reading it thought . The thing that most annoys me (aside of that awful artwork) is that it's timeline is cannon, that now makes continuity 200% more nonsense-y

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The art looks like Batman TAS imo, I'm pretty sure I heard other people say that too.

I personally don't like the art mainly because of the proportions, and sometimes the ears are tiny, and Damian looks like he's 5.

I only read issue 8, so far. I was going to use my birthday money to collect the series, but instead I decided to get IDW TMNT series, 1-12 was amazing.

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i like it and the concept! And I love characters like Nightrunner. What I dont like is the artwork though.

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Batman Inc. is one of the average works of Grant Morrison.His previous run on Batman was far better but this is also entertaining and interesting.I love almost everything he writes and this is essential to his Batman run.It's a must read.

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I thought everyone hated Batman Inc., lol

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@tjs4759: I don't like it at all. Everybody thinks Morrison is so brilliant...He's great but has quite a few mediocre stories in my opinion.

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I do think INC v2 has been quite lackluster and I also kinda agree with the OP's first complaint,Morrison hasn't given us much reason to care about the supporting characters.However I do not see the problem with Heretic or Todd.

As for the art work,I thoroughly enjoy it,like Capullo I love the cartoony style Burnham brings which makes it seem like an animation flick,also the fight sequences are hands down the best drawn in this book.

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It's my favorite Batman series right now but it does have some problems, the biggest one for me being Burnham's art. It's hardly the worst art I've ever seen (and in fact I do think Burnham has delivered some great pieces of art before), but it's definitely not my cup of tea.

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It's not Morrison's best work, but I still love it. It's currently my favorite Bat-book.

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I actually love Chris Burnhams art it sticks out among the other bat books

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Batman Inc. is better than all the other Batman comics out right now. Blows Snyder's run out of the water

and the art is sick. It looks like a better Frank Q

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Not alone. I absolutely hate it. Not that big of a Grant Morrison fan either, the only thing I really remember liking was arkham asylum: a serious place on serious earth

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I was a big fan of Chris Burnham prior to his gig on Inc. and I've always loved the Club of Heroes characters. The title sits pretty well with me.

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SOOOO NOT ALONE. i thought damian was the most interesting robin so far, and the dynamic between him and bruce in batman and robin was awesome (thanks a lot morrison). i think a lot of what has to do with batman inc sucking is the fact that morrison just doesnt give a shit about the canon. hes leaving the series pretty soon, and he already messed up the batman lore so much, just as a shitty little goodbye present. also, i think morrison is SUPER overrated. perhaps the most overrated writer of all time.

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I'm usually not one to care about continuity as much as the next guy but Morrison's complete disregard for other Batman writers gets on my nerves at times.

More on topic, I just could never get into any of Morrison's writings - and I've tried on multiple occassions. He definitely has his merits. He's created some interesting characters and has added a lot to Batman mythos. But the way which he writes and approaches his stories is just not for me.

Edit: As a sidenote: I actually like Batman Inc's (the current run's) art. It has a unique sort of cartoony style to it that I thoroughly enjoy.

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I never gave it a chance because the idea of Bruce coming out and saying he funds Batman was ridiculous. As was the idea to have Batmen of all nations. It made no sense, and so I couldn't be interested in the story that followed from it.

I've read the last 2 issues about Damien since I'm curious, but other than that I don't care. I generally love Morison's stuff as well, which makes it odd for me.

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I was worried when it launched that the majority of the team would be fodder for the meat grinder. So far that's been sorta true.

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I dont believe that the continuity argument has any merit to it whatsoever,the continuity was fine,it's the New-52 non sense that's problematic.

I have no problem with Morrison ignoring a crappy timeline that the relaunch has brought with it.He's all about celebrating the various eras of Batman and using that to evolve the character further,the current messy timeline aims to do the exact opposite.I'm actually more pissed at Morrison's story being screwed over,Cass,Babs(Oracle) and Steph all had a role to play in the story and now they're gone.I wouldn't at all be surprised if Morrison originally had plans for Deathstroke,Shiva and Bronze Tiger as well.

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I think I would have liked the idea better had Bruce not announced it to the world, instead making it a gorilla warfare kinda affair, the Tony Stark moment was a stupid move, anyone with an ounce of intelligence would have sussed who Batman was before that conference ended.

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I think I would have liked the idea better had Bruce not announced it to the world, instead making it a gorilla warfare kinda affair, the Tony Stark moment was a stupid move, anyone with an ounce of intelligence would have sussed who Batman was before that conference ended.

Same, I would be fine with Batman Inc if it wasn't made known to the public. I like Batman when he's inspiring fear into superstitious thugs, or acting on "street-level" crime. Escalating to worldwide problems is supposed to be why he's on the Justice League.

Although, despite all of that, I've liked the last two issues of Batman Inc a lot. I really despise the Heretic guy, so it'll be great to see him get beaten up (whenever Batman eventually seeks revenge).

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You're not alone. I don't care for it either.

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Yeah I pretty much agree with all of OP's points. But really what killed me for it is the whole idea of a Batman Inc. That's just. It's. Wow no? I don't know if they just wanted to appeal to the readers outside of the us or if they really thought it was a good idea but for me it kind of kills the whole batman concept. I think the joker made a complaint about it in Batman N52? Basically I was wholeheartedly agreeing.

I guess what bugs me most is not so much it is now A THING in the DC universe but more the fact what happens in batman inc has now so much impact on the regular bat related issues? (damian's death cough COUGH i'd rather have seen that in the batman & robin comic than in batman inc)

oh well i'm kind of not good at presenting clear arguments but long story short, it's cool so many people appreciate it and it's too bad i don't. the end.

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I've hated pretty much everything Morrison's done with Batman since the resurrection of Ra's. I mean, he'd golden on JLA or All-Star Superman, but I just find his Batman and X-Men absolutely putrid.

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Nope. I actually like a lot of Morrison's work but this run has just been pretty bad imo. I dropped it at issue #5 because it was just downright boring to me. It doesn't help that I was never really a fan of the Batman Inc idea though.

It was also the worst selling Batman book before the whole Damian death thing(no idea now) so it's not just those of us here who feel this way.

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Conceptually, I think it's pretty dumb. A worldwide network of Batmen sponsored by Bruce Wayne.

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Not much of a fan. I didn't realize so many people agreed with me until I looked at this thread. I'm not a fan of the artwork, the stories, or especially the whole idea. And I really don't like how Damian died in that book. Then again, I don't like how he died at all. But in any case, I can't really get into it. I've read all 9 issues, but I think I may drop it if it doesn't pick up soon. And that'd be big for me, because I make a point to read all Batman books in continuity.

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the art is incredibly creepy

and really distracting

completely ruined the comic for me

why couldn't they let the person who did the first few issues carry on?

instead we have an artist who makes everyone look like a bug eyed serial killer

even batcow

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Not a fan and I'm pretty much ignoring it's cannon.

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Not anywhere near as good as the rest of his genre-defining Batman run, but still good.

The first few issues were terrific, but I felt it went downhill a bit from there.

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I hate the idea but I love the book and what G Morrison did with the whole thing.

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@the_tree said:

It's not Morrison's best work, but I still love it. It's currently my favorite Bat-book.

@uncleemu said:

Batman Inc. is better than all the other Batman comics out right now. Blows Snyder's run out of the water

and the art is sick. It looks like a better Frank Q

I actually love Chris Burnhams art it sticks out among the other bat books

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I like Batman Inc, but it's certainly weaker than Morrison's previous work (Hyper Adapter story I loved so much more)... But Inc is was definitely the best Bat-ongoing in New-52. Probably will sound stupid, but I believe that someone other than GM will handle it better. Would love to see David Hine or Paul Cornell on Inc run.

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@dernman: me to :D reason talia mocked jason its not canon and I know it. its probably an else world but nobodys telling us

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