ahhh i hate christian bale as batman and TDKR is overrated

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he sucked as batman the only thing good about nolans films are the villains(except for scare crow),wished they used another actor,terrible voice and he has that douchbag swag,he is a good actor but batman

TDKR was overrated it is soooooooo boring,and governer banes voice ahhh it was annoying he sounded better in the trailer(even though we cldnt here clearly) and it should have ended with bane and batman fighting on the truck while talia wasdriving or some shit

my opinion the best ıf nolans films was BATMAN BEGINS i wished he made the scare crow more threatning though,the only thing good about TDK wasthe joker but he could have made batman more interesting

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Oh look another Batman hate thread!


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Bale did a good job as Batman I just think that people are ready for a new Batman in the same way McGuire was a good Spider Man but after 3 films it was time for a new Peter. Although I thought the Spider Man re-boot was sub-par at best: He just seemed like a guy in a Spider Man costume and not the Spider Man, not to mention the lame way he showed off his powers and no-one figured out he was spidey=very poor writing.

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@sumafatrider: This is a duplicate thread. Also there are those (including myself) that think that "douchebag" is a swear word.

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