A Letter of Complaint

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So I decided to read Year One through the pages they were originally published in instead of in the graphic novel and found something that made me laugh. Basically, this dude, Kevin Dwayne has this issue with Batman: Year One saying David Mazzucchelli's art is the worst thing he's ever seen. It's what he picked out as the flaw that I find funnier than anything else, really.   

 There's the letter itself. In all it's anger and glory.
 And here's the picture he was talking about.
 But then as it turns out that was Mazzucchelli's intention all along! This is a page from the special edition where he drew 10 variations of Bruce as Gregory Peck as an homage rather than a stealing of his image
So I just thought I'd put this on here because I thought it was interesting! Also, if you've gained nothing out of this, at least you got to see a peculiarly angry letter about Year One!
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He's saying he gave up on comics because he didn't like the art of Batman Year one?

I hope he was joking.

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@CrimsonCake said:

He's saying he gave up on comics because he didn't like the art of Batman Year one?

I hope he was joking.

LOL. He thought that the art in Hagar the Horrible is better.

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Its nice to see that comic fans were whiney douches even back before the internet

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What did DC say in response?

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@Funrush: unfortunately the response wasn't as fun as it probably could have been but fun fact it was Dennis O'Neil who wrote the response and at the end of all the letters he was saying how happy he was as editor to finally be bringing back batman to what he always wanted him to be! 
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