A Graph to show what non-comic book fans know about the Bat

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Found this while looking for a new icon in Google images.

It pretty much sums up the basis of all the arguments I've ever had with my non-comic-book-reading friends:

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What about the old 60's show?

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@ComicStooge said:

What about the old 60's show?

I think that falls under "nanananana Batman!"

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At least they are starting with a good foundation. That is a fun song.


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I think people know less of comics then they do BTAS.....and probably more of BTAS than the 60's show....

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Non comic readers think Batman is just Chuck Norris in a mask that makes him even more bad ass. Of course they are also aware that Chuck Norris isn't really all that bad ass and that he's more of a meme than anything else, this creates an interesting feat of "Double Think" as even the most inept non comic fan is aware that Batman can't beat Superman without prep but will still argue that he can to their last breath, without the intention of trolling.Meaning that any no comic fan with a functioning brain believes two completely contradictory things at the same time, both that Batman is the unbeatable pinnacle of badassery who can do anything "because hes Batman" and also that he's just some crazy man in a frigin bat suit that most likely molest children. Unfortunately both of these beliefs manifest randomly at the most annoying times possible.

As for your chart, I don't know what causes people to believe this but I think may be this

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omg wtf 60's batman???

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@BlackArmor: That picture is the greatest thing I've ever seen

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Non comic fans know more about Batman than one would think.....especially with the Arkham games and the Nolan films

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I think TAS should be a bit bigger, everyone watched that when they were younger.

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