A Couple of Problems for the Dark Knight Rises

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I enjoyed the movie but there were a view things I thought were wrong

1. Talia was not Bruce's "only woman he ever loved"

2. Ras al Ghul is dead?

3. Robin's origin should have been something like Bruce going to a curcuis and meeting a Dick Grayson.

4. I thought it would be cool for John Blake be Azreal with the hint from Batman that he needed to put on a mask and if they wanted him to be Robin instead he should of been Nightwing.

5. I remember a picture of the lazarus pit on the set a while back, what ever happened to it.

6. During the eight years of no batman: There was no other major villian that tryed to take over Gotham

7. Should of had Ras al Ghul make Talia betray Batman and then Talia betray Ras al Ghul

8. ALOT of important characters now who Batman is

Not really important details but: NO REBOOT IS NEEDED

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Of course she wasnt, he barely knew her. Ra's is dead it was in his mind. Blake becomes Batman, the Robin name was neat but Batman is the symbol. No4, that wouldn't be realistic. It wasn't the pit it was a rumour, not sure what happened to it. No major villain was there because of the Dent Act, watch again it was explained. Talia would not betray her father, she did leave him but when she came back he was dead. Blake somehow figured it out (he's smart), Catwoman heard it from Bane. Bane and Talia knew as they were in the League, Gordon was told.

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It was really good but there was a lot of problems with it.

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