3 Ways To Reboot The Batman Franchise

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http://bit.ly/MEK4xz Here are three ways to possibly reboot Batman. I'm personally in favor of John Blake taking the reigns: fresh spin and reboot all in one. Give us a Batman who's not Bruce Wayne for once. It might be just the thing the franchise needs right now.

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Option 3 please.

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it's simple, we kill the batman

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Bruce Wayne is rather boring. I mean, he's just a regular rich playboy whose parents tragically died (and why the hell can't he shut up about it). Sure, it's not the real him, but that's the story of Bruce Wayne and it's old. I agree I wanna see more BATMAN >:D that's the real Bruce Wayne. And man, if they can get the reboot to be more like the Arkham games and less like some regular movie with the bonus of funny outfits, I'm gonna be stoked to the point of tears.

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Tell it from a Robin point of view

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Go Frank Miller and The Dark Knight Returns. End of discussion

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Superman Batman World's Finest movie! It shows that Bats can run with the big boys and will provide a setting where his brains and detective skills are required. Nolan showed that a billionaire can throw a punch, now show what the World's Greatest Detective can do

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@DeathpooltheT1000: Definitely.
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Can someone PM me what the article says? Don't want to risk clicking on random sites, my comp is mostly dead already.

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@ArtGamer said:

it's simple, we kill the batman

Had me loling.

We need to open up the universe to the rest of DC. That means leaving Nolan behind, because Superman and the rest could never exist there. The point is the tone has to change to be more comic-ish.

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I think Scott Adkins would be a better Batman him being an actual martial artist and all.

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