3 Ways To Reboot The Batman Franchise

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http://bit.ly/MEK4xz Here are three ways to possibly reboot Batman. I'm personally in favor of John Blake taking the reigns: fresh spin and reboot all in one. Give us a Batman who's not Bruce Wayne for once. It might be just the thing the franchise needs right now. I also like the idea of doing a WATCHMEN-style Batman movie. Complete opposite of Nolan's world.

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I have to agree that I'd like to see a Batman that isn't Bruce Wayne at some point.

The biggest issue with this though is that the mainstream general population only know of the Bruce Wayne Batman, most don't know who Dick Grayson is until you say he was the original Robin.

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I will honestly disagree in seeing a Batman that isn't Bruce Wayne. I find it to be an insult to the character, when you could have the original guy be Batman. And it leads to a lot more complications and confusions. Now if JGL played Bruce Wayne I have no problem with that. But if you do a Batman movie it should be Bruce Wayne.

And I have thought about it so much that superheroes should not take up the mantle of other heroes. You get problems like with the Flashes, or Batgirl's. Or how Robin is always Dick in most other media. How ever I am ok with characters growing into new characters, and new characters pick up their mantle. (i.e. Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin is totally awesome). But there shouldn't be Batgirl, Batgirl, Batgirl, and Batgirl. Bruce is Batman, and it should stay that way.

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I would love to see John Blake Batman (with Bruce in a wheelchair playing a role like Batman Beyond).

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I'd say we need Clayface and Man-Bat as the villains since we hadn't had them on film before and should do the idea of science gone wrong and monsters on the loose themes.

I'd also love to see Superman appear in the end saying that Bats should join the Justice League

#6 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10418 posts) - - Show Bio

@Superdork said:

I would love to see John Blake Batman (with Bruce in a wheelchair playing a role like Batman Beyond).

That would be awesome, but only if Christopher Nolan did it

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@Jakesully1981: Love the idea of having Man-Bat or Clayface, just worried people would see it as Spiderman rip offs since Sandman and the Lizard showed up in his movies already. But otherwise bomb idea!

As far as the ending, if anyone puts the Justice League together it will be one of 2 characters, and it is too soon to mention the Justice League the movie will probably allude to another hero some point within the movie. And this will sound awful and I'm sorry but its going to be either Martian Manhunter (if they use him which I sincerely hope they do), or Batman. Simply because Batman is still the most popular character and if you want a popular team you want the most popular character to put it together. Plus Batman will play the brains of the team, so he's got to be the one putting them together and pulling the strings.

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