which is better:dark knight returns or year one?

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is year one:the re-interpretation of batman's origin, better than the dark kinght returns:the now legendary finale(i know there is a sequel to it but i dont acknowlede it) to the career of batman?this is a hard one as i myself love both of these classics that prove just why frakn miller is the best in the business.your thoughts please..

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I agree, both books are amazing, but I'm definitely going to go with Dark Knight Returns. I loved the tone of year one, but DKR was so crazy with the mutants and everything, it was just a fun ride. The thing is that DKR is a lot longer, therefore having more classic moments for me.

My favorite part of Year One is when Batman is hiding and neutralizing the SWAT team, and one of the guys shoots at a cat, and batman gets angry about it and throws the guy through a brick wall. Haha.

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I can't get myself to look at DKR, because I hate Miller's art. But Year One was great, so I gotta give it a chance one of these days.

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Just read The Dark Knight Returns and it was great! Haven't read Year One yet but thats on my To Do List :P 
Not sure which one I would like better though... I'll post back on here when I have read Year One :)
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For me definitely Year one
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I actually much preferred DKR

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DKR was brilliant except for Carrie Kelly. She really, really hurt the story overall. Year One is better for that reason.

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Like I said, I would post back here when I read Year One. It's a tough choice, both a brilliant classics. I did like the concept of the story better in The Dark Knight Returns, but I did end up enjoying Year One more. Couldn't say why, it just seemed to suck me in more, even though The Dark Knight Returns was more epic. It's weird, I don't even know why I like it more, I just do. 
Both are awesome books though that have my highest recommendations XD
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@Psychotime said:

"I can't get myself to look at DKR, because I hate Miller's art. But Year One was great, so I gotta give it a chance one of these days."

You are missing out. It is my favorite book.

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