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The Year Has Begun!!!!

This movie is amazing. The story tells about Batman and Jim Gordon and how it began for them in Gotham City. The story is told staight from the graphic novel by Frank Miller and is brought to the screen very well. The cast was incredible and did a good job voicing their characters. I like it because we get to see the beginning of Batman and Jim Gordon, how they meet, and become partners to help Gotham. This is a great movie to enjoy and you get to see Catwoman too. Overall, I;m giving it a 5/5 because it has great action, a great cast, and brings Frank miller's work to the screen to tell the beginning of Batman and Jim Gordon. Fans should get this and won't be disappointed when seeing this movie!


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    I think this is an interesting experiment. I would love for those who hated Smallville because it veered away from comic book continuity, to review this video. This is an exact telling of the series within a series Frank Miller wrote all those years ago. Sure there are a few changes, but you would have to have a sharp eye to find what the changes were.The animation is dead on, and This stacks well on the list of straight to dvd movies dc has been releasing these past few years. I love the fact t...

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    The Best! 0

    I was so surprised at how incredibly good every part of this movie was. I can't believe the level of absolute brilliance of every part. The art, animation, voice acting, story, and music were all so perfect. I couldn't have dreamed of a better Batman Year One Movie. Everything just clicked. It was incredible. This is a movie you MUST SEE; no matter how much or how little of a Batman fan you are. It's the best DC has EVER done. I can't believe they could actually top Red Hood, but they did. My on...

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