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BATMAN: VENOM illustrates that although Batman is a great hero, he is simply a human being underneath his costume. When Batman fails to save the life of a young kidnapped girl because of his own physical limitations, he turns to a performance-enhancing drug to increase his strength and stamina. But when the highly addictive super-steroid strips the Dark Knight of his control and morality, he must find a way to free himself from underneath its influence. Struggling with his addiction, Batman must make choose between using the drug again or facing his own probable demise.

2012 Edition Back Blurb

Superpower in a little green pill

Batman, behind the costumes and gadgets, is still only human. He stops villains and saves innocents without any superpowers. Until one day, a girl drowns because he lacks the strength to free her.

Desperate never to let it happen again, Batman begins taking the super-steroid Venom to overcome his human limitations. Super-strength comes with a price, however, and everything about the Dark Knigh -- from his appearance to his sense of morality -- is soon warped by his addiction. And what good are super-powers if they cost you your soul?

BATMAN: VENOM be Dennis O'Neil, Trevor Von Eeden, Russell Braun and Jose Louis Garcia-Lopez details the first appearance of Venom, the drug that would later resurface in the epic BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL as the fuel that enables Bane to break Batman's bac.

Collects Legends of the Dark Knight #16-20.

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Wow, where do I start. 0

I've heard how notoriously bad this was but I wasn't expecting THIS bad. First of all I'll start off with the positive: the art is good, the panels are laid out well and action generally flows well, the artist does successfully manage to pull off a lot of the absurdities in Denny O'Neil's script without making the scenes laughable (no such luck with the dialogue) and the colouring is nice especially considering how much mediocre colouring was going on in this early nineties period.Where the comi...

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GN Review -- Batman: Venom / Dennis O'Neil, Trevor von Eeden, Rus 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...I'll say this: if there's anything more visually disturbing than seeing Batman with a drug-induced, Joker-esque rictus playing across his crazed visage, I'm hard-pressed to come up with it right now. The Dark Knight has come to epitomize--often to an obsession-induced fault--the essence of self-control and discipline, so seeing him lose it to the throes of a drug habit is more than a little jarring. Given the relevance of Batman: ...

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