no_name_'s Batman Unseen #5 - Vanished review

One of the best Bat books out!

Batman Unseen #5 of 5
Written by: Doug Moench
Penciled by: Kelley Jones 
Published by: DC Comics
Some of the best Batman stories were written during the silver age of comics, the 1980's and early 1990's; particularly those penned by Doug Moench. If I had to pick my top three Batman writers I think that there is a pretty good chance that Moench might be up there. There are few writers, I feel, that capture the very essence of Bruce Wayne, something that Moench seems to do rather perfectly. Written in a classic style , this characterization of Batman is seemingly perfect. There is very little I do not like about this issue. Moench's dialogue is complimented by Kelley Jones' gritty pencils and fantastic style, making this issue stand above several of the other Batman titles. 
Lovers of the classic Batman stories are sure to enjoy the final issue in the five part series. There is enough momentum in this issue to keep the reader wanting more. My only complaint is that the ending seemed somewhat rushed. I would have rather Moench go into detail and elaborate on the scene where the potion clearly drives Bruce crazy and he begins to depict homicidal tendencies. I really think this could have been relayed further through the use of the narrative/ Bruce's internal dialogue rather than having it spring up on the reader abruptly the way it did.  
Overall if it was not Moench writing Batman, it probably would have received a lower score.
4 out of 5
Posted by fanboy

baby any batman comic is the best 

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