no_name_'s Batman Unseen #4 - Blur review

Batman Unseen #4 of 5: Worth the read

Batman Unseen #4 of 5

Written by Doug Moench
Art by: Kelley Jones
Of all the Batman books out in the market now, this is definitely one of my favorites. Written specifically for fans of the Bruce Wayne Batman- sans the side-kick, this book returns the character to his detective roots and reads like an edge of your seat mystery thriller that has over the years, been what has made Batman so intriguing to so many fans. Everything from the style of the writing to the art aid in bringing the reader back to a dark and dreary bronze age Batman, which is exactly what makes this such an interesting read. Kelley Jones' abstract and dark artistic style likens to that of Frank Miller's artistry in ' The Dark Knight Returns.' The way that the narration acts as an internal monologue intertwines perfectly with the character dialogue. The story is organized effectively into chapters which distinguish the transition from one scene to the next similar to a novel. Perhaps it is the way the book is structured, or the fact that it is so well written and organized, but this book blew me away. Mind you, Bruce Wayne is also my favorite comic book character so I tend to be a bit biased...then again if I think that he is characterized well in this book, then chances most Batman fans will agree. 
Note that this title is out of the continuity of the other bat-books. I recommend picking up the three previous issues before tackling this one so that you can get the most out of this story. 
4 out of 5  
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