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Batman: Under The Red Hood Review

I just saw this and I must saw I enjoyed it very much, though it is darker and more violent that other DC animated movies. There is a good nod to the 'A Death in the Family' story at the beginning as a the opening sequence. The rest retells the Red Hood story in a compressed format, capturing your attention all the while. There is a good use of flashbacks in the movie which primarily show Bruce's memories of Jason at key points in their relationship. All the characters are depicted well and the voice acting is very good, though John DiMaggio as the Joker is fantastic, while  Bruce Greenwood is great as a gritty Batman and Jensen Ackles does a fine job with The Red Hood. I would say this movie has raised expectations for future animated movies because this is a very good quality production, with great writing, animation and voice acting.
I rate this movie 5 out of 5


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