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Batman, still fairly new to the crimefighting scene, endeavors to stop a hostage-taking madman at a wedding. But to do so, he's going to need to earn Gordon's trust.

After the events of Batman: Year One, Captain James Gordon misses a session with a marriage counselor again. When he returns home, he finds divorce papers filed by his wife, Barbara Kean/Eileen Gordon. In addition to filing for divorce, she takes their newborn son back to Chicago.

Elsewhere, Dr. Hale Corbett from Gotham State University, is holding hostages in Gotham's Saint Frances Cathedral. He is driven mad by the death of his wife and son who were killed in an automobile accident earlier that morning. Gordon tries to negotiate with the professor, by relating to him as he also just lost his own family. Batman overhears them from the shadows. Batman and Captain Gordon, working together, manage to subdue the grieving man and save the hostages.

Gordon returns to his empty apartment, and finds Batman reading the divorce papers. Later Batman visits to see how Gordon is holding up after his divorce. Gordon is upset by Batman's sympathy, because he thinks that the Dark Knight couldn't possibly understand what it is like to lose a family. Batman leaves, but not before replying that he knows what it's like more than the detective thinks.

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