nerd_of_a_hero's Batman: The Widening Gyre #3 - Part Three: Things Fall Apart review

Aquaman's a dick, Bruce still got game.

I was fooled into picking up this one because of the pretty legs on the front cover. ^-^ I found this one good,  despite the lack of story depth and some ass-whiping action. This is only part 3 of the 6 parter, so I don't know what's going on in this story arc. Some psycho get's Batman tied up just before Robin intervenes. "Bruce Wayne" travel's back and forth, from St. Cloud where he spends some time with his rich girlfriend 'Silver', who knows he's Batman, during the day. While at night, Bruce/Batman travel's back to Gotham to fight crime.  
In Gotham, a new vigilante name Baphomet (a bit of a Batman rip off) appears and fights crime on some area in Gotham
before crosses Batman, they talk a bit before departing. There's a funny conversation with Bruce and Aquaman; as Aquaman trys to gets on Bruce's nerves by asking him who's Deedee and his relationship with her, it turns out he was been spying on him to see if Ollie won the bet. There's not much going on with this issue, but get it if your into this sorta thing.    

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Posted by Alexander the king

the cover looks cool so the book must be cool
Posted by CaptHowdy

Wow nice cover for sure.

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