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Batman: The Return 0

     The Dark Knight returns here. Having cultivated Bruce's stories for the last several years, Grant Morrison brings back Bruce Wayne. Along with David Finch on pencils, Grant brings a story full of Batman goodness a fan at any level could enjoy. There is a great bit with bats and comparing them to Bruce,Dick, and Damien. And when Bruce is fully there is comes back in full force with a new threat and new gadgets. Finch's art really shines on his portrail of the Batcave. It is rich with Batm...

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Batman Returns. No, Not the Movie. 0

In this oneshot, we discover the origin of the bat that inspired Bruce Wayne to become Batman. And it is awesome. I'm actually serious. This scene is without a doubt the best part of the entire issue. I love that bat. That bat is now one of my favorite Batman characters.   But most of this issue involves Batman discovering a new global enemy in the form of a secret organization calling itself Leviathan. ...Wait, did Batman just join the Secret Warriors?  I'm not yet sold on the idea of Batman In...

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The idea of Batman 0

Our formal reintroduction to Bruce Wayne   The Story:  First off, I absolutely LOVED the beginning with the story of the Bat. It was expertly written, and something that could have turned out as little more than a gimmick turned out awesome. It set up a great parallel to Batman and his allies. Now the story itself started off right in the middle of action which I certainly wasn't expecting, but right away it shows us that Bruce Wayne is still as awesome as ever. The rest of the book sets up a ne...

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Batman: The Return One-Shot 0

Well, it's over. The Return of Bruce Wayne ends today with Batman: The Return, and finally we don't have to deal with the time-traveling antics of Bruce Wayne. To me, Batman is a character who doesn't time travel, doesn't have the luck to come back to life, all that stuff. That being said, I'm not a fan of Grant Morrison on Batman, however with the conclusion of this chapter of the saga of Batman I'm more than happy to jump back on board. So with that, let's dive into Batman: The Return.   The ...

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It Should've Been Called "Batman Incorporated #0" 0

The Good: David Finch's artwork looks AWESOME. This is only the third time I've seen him do interior work and DAMN. I think BATT suits him a lot more as an inker than whoever he had before. There were a lot of scenes that looked just spectacular. Especially any involved the main new villain, who seems to have been set up as a huge figure for Batman Inc. The beginning was an absolutely GENIUS introduction to the issue. The entire set up for Batman Incorporated was perfect. If you're going to read...

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"Game on." 0

The Original Dark Knight returns to step up his crusade on crime. Pros:  The opening has somewhat of a touch of Frank Miller's classic Batman Year One which is perfect to start of with. Now that Bruce Wayne is back, he's taking charge of the Bat group and Wayne Enterprise to begin his work with Batman Inc. Apparently more changes are headed for another member of the Bat group. Stephanie may be going to England sometime soon, so I'll be watching out for that in her series. Despite my disl...

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Perfect Jumping On Point 0

I think that sums this up rather well.  After well over a year of building momentum to this point finally Bruce Wayne is back and in back under the cape and cowl.  For someone looking to get into the Batman Universe this is the perfect place to start as you don't necessarily have had to have been reading Batman and the related family of books for the last couple of years to enjoy this book.   Bruce lays out his plan for the future and puts a little birdie in his place (my favorite moment of the ...

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"I've seen the Future and it works." 0

*Very short review* "A MUST!" 5 out of 5 Stars.    Real review:There are a lot of people who reviewed this issue.  All of them have valid reasons to tell you what they have told you and it is up to you to agree or disagree.  One comment that I would like to look into detail is this being a "jump in point".    On a superficial level, yes, jump in.  This is a "zero" to Batman Inc or we can just call it a one-shot to play it safe.  It is "The End" of one Chapter and the "Beginning of another".  Bei...

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The Bold New Taste of Batman 0

The issue I had taken with the Grant Morrison Batman run, is that it's too good. A Grant Morrison run on a comic is not just a run, it's a saga. As such, it's not good for a person who can only occasionally pick up some comics. This one shot felt like it was tailor made for me. It is the perfect starting point for those who need to get on board this Batman run while waiting for the preceding smoke to clear. Grant Morrison's writing in this issue was great as usual and benefited from a quick pace...

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Batman The Return #1: The Planet Is Gotham 0

Before Batman Incorporated officially starts; this issue will send it off! As Bruce has beaten time and death, he will begin a career against crime that goes worldwide! Batman Incorporated will train different men and women to become protectors of different areas in the world. So with Bruce the mastermind or the ultimate Batman, he will be monitoring every Batman or officer that upholds his rules. Amazing artist David Finch joins writer Grant Morrison in Batman’s preliminary steps before the Ba...

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The Return 0

100 Words Or LessBruce Wayne has returned to Gotham and has big plans for the new era of Batman. He's kicking up the technology, the funding, and the army to fight crime not just in his home city, but around the world. So Then I Said...This is the first title directly involving Batman that I have picked up since I got back into comics. I know briefly what has been happening and felt this was a good point for me to hop on. First off, this one-shot looks gorgeous. The cover is dark and full of imp...

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Return of a Legend 0

As the old gives place to the new, a feeling of moving on, of evolving, embeded deep as roots, dominates completely this old bat, that even hurted and bruised, gets to know that he no longer belongs to this place. I guess this is the metaphor of the three bats in the first pages: Bruce Wayne is back all right, but he doesn´t need to stay in Gotham no more, since this city is well protected by Dick Grayson and Damian. I´m not a big fan of Batman, I´m quite a new reader of his story, the only thin...

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I love this! 0

This is one of my absolute favorite comics in my recent memory.  Everything from the amazing art to the really interesting story.  With all the stuff going on with Batman these days I really like how traditional this issue was.  Also while some of the art has been uneven or just terrible in other recent comics this one really impressed me with the quality.  David Finch should be lauded for bringing an amazing Gothic style to parts of this book.  I felt that this really tied into some of the Bruc...

2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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