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Once again let me preface his for you, I read this once when it first came out and then each time another issue came out I've re-read this issue to refresh myself.  
So now I've got all 6 issues and I'm re-reading the whole lot and it's finally starting to make some sense.    Now's the time for me to review them.   
I'm going to start off by saying half a star was taken off for the lateness of this issue. In the long term it may not mean much but as this came out about a month after the rest of the DC books had addressed the return it took away a big part of the impact.  
I'm quite annoyed that both DC & Marvel(Captain America) messed up the returns of their iconic characters by simple delays. The years that went into the planning of these things you'd think they'd have had contingency plan after contingency plan. Especially DC who saw how Marvel struggled with delays. It's ironic they had no back up plan but Bruce would have had a Plan B and all the way through to Z. 
Okay so let's start off, great start with the symbolism. The Pearls, the Bell, the Gun and the bullet check, references to the hole in things, check. About to literally turn Bruce's world upside down check although that will come in the next few months.  
Morrison is all over this issue and it's his crowning glory of the past few years of intricate stories, he's broke Bruce down piece by piece, from his mind with the Thogal ritual and Zur-En-Ahh, his family from his son's(batman & son) and his parents history (black glove) and after sending him across the world he's now sent him across time as a paradoxical history of his own making. After breaking him down so much, it's like the archivists say it's an honour to be part of his 'new beginning' 
I've heard comments on the comicvine podcast asking why would Darkseid choose Bruce as his ultimate trap instead of Superman. Well it's becasue of his nature, Darkseid may be Superman's 'rogue' but if Darkseid has planned this so well he wouldn't choose Superman due to his nature. Superman's pretty clever in his own right but he'd choose to sacrifice himself to stop the omega bomb going off, whereas Bruce well he's a survivor he'd want to "save everything" and that's why he's perfect as the omega bomb. Darkseid knows he will come back he's counting on it.  
Man this is one bat shit crazy series and this issue tops it, everything is explained from the all over to Tim's recognition that he believed in Bruce and still does. I loved Wonder Woman's statement about Darkseid it brings back what we've been missing all along. Our understanding of Darkseid, of Evil hasn't been this deep in years and it makes perfect sense! 
Great end to a great series. And hopefully a fantastic new beginning.

Posted by Silkcuts

No bad of a review, I like that you came at it with a love for the Bat books in general.  
I am glad you caught on to the "Gods are ideas" thing.  I didn't point it out in my reviews, because I held back on purpose.

Posted by caesarsghost

yeah, good stuff. Way to pick up on the symbolism, a good review always goes deeper than just plot. Well done.

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