bradbrains's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 - The All-Over review

Big Bang to End it All....or begin it.

As many of stated before me its a great time to be a batman fan. what you may also know if that i just starting getting into comics this summer just when most of this all started. how lucky am i? basically what im getting at is this was a hell of an issue. 
now i only glanced through this mini-series but made sure to pick up the last one of the mini series as this is essentially the beginning of the new "batman INC" storyline. basically this shows the end and how bruce wayne finally gets back to his current time. the comic is action filled and a really fun read. and fun is what i'm here for. the art is also up to snuff and brings the book to life. 
after reading (mostly) every main batman comic i get more and more excited of what to come and this is no exception. no if you excuse me i have some back issues to pick up!

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