darkestknight2_0's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 - Masquerade review

1930's are here

The end of the return is almost here. I love this issue and the variant artwork to me makes it look so realistic. This chapter brings so many plot holes or "the hole in things" to be revealed i mean the pearl necklace in the first issue is revealed to have passed down to the dutchmans family throughout the ages until it is next seen to be in this issue as once belonging to martha wayne herself which means all the people Bruce became friends with and helped were really his ancesters. This issue also shows us what happend in R.I.P. about Bruces grandparents (martha parents) about disliking Thomas and believing he killed her. I also liked that Morrison brought the bad doctor in to this issue. I also liked hw he brought in Carter nichols from the #700 issue of Batman. Basically Doctor hurt promised him time travel and we all believe that hurt may in fact be the devil and he does hint it to carter "you know who i am and what i can do" and they do make a deal for carters soul. I liked the fact that bruce is dressed up as a "bat-man" but not the way people think. The image of bruce travelling in time was so cool i mean it caused everyone to be afraid (even Doctor hurt looked terrified) and i quite liked how carter looked like a wimp and said he wasn't doing anything bad. during the time travel you definatly see an image of the shadow of a bat- adds more to the fear in a way. I actually thought Bruce was in trouble when he is set on fire. I liked the final part where everyone can hear bells as foreshadowed earlier in the series. I quite like how morrioson explains how he is boobytrapped and why he is a danger to the present time. The final image of a the old bruce wayne shown in issue 2 appears in the final image an i can't wait to find out how he fits in to the end. 
i loved this issue as morrisons begins to show that the return of bruce wayne could mean the end of planet earth.


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