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And It Always Starts With A Dame 0

The Good: Whoa, I thought I wasn't going to like this issue all that much. Batman, close to the end of his journey, in a time period really similar to his own? Meh. But DAMN. This issue manages to do everything an issue of this miniseries was supposed to do. Give us a tale of Batman clearly defined by the time period it's in while properly balancing out the elements of his return. This one does it BEAUTIFULLY. Everything is set in a Film Noir tone (not with art to match, but still) the writing c...

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Return Of Bruce Wayne #5: It Always Begins The Same Way 0

Here is the belated review for Return of Bruce Wayne #5. "It always begins the same way". - Bruce Wayne. Grant Morrison is an issue away from finishing this series, he is joined by artist Ryan Sook in the penultimate issue of Return Of Bruce Wayne! Bruce Wayne finds himself in the corrupted streets of Gotham City's past. His adventure puts him right on the case of, the Death of Thomas and Martha Wayne! As a private investigator, his adventure may lead him to an early grave, or will it be th...

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Sarcasim never gives me a reason to hate him, stupidity does! 0

Fresh off of blackgate facilities, with a combined sentence of 76--, oops wrong review. From the pages and heart of writer, Grant Morrison, comes the story of Bone breaking himself, Bruce Wayne! As we all know (or what you should know), Bruce wayne is lost in time, no thanks to Darkseids omega eye beams. That happened in 2009 or 2008, with the story (who Grant Morrison also wrote) Final crisis. The caveman, Witch hunter, Pirate and cowboy, Bruce Wayne, comes to issue 5 as a private eye d...

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Getting better. 0

 This story was the best so far in the return of Bruce Wayne set. It had me on the edge of my seat throughout – something the previous issues have failed to do. This issue starts to pull everything together and helps you understand a bit more about the whole Bruce Wayne lost in time fiasco. The story is gripping, the characters keep you guessing and the art is amazing. This series was trailing a bit so this addition really helps pick it up. I’m not going to add any spoilers, I wouldn’t know wher...

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Digging Deeper in Bruce's Past #5 0

Grant Morrison is acclaimed because he is one of the few writers who really push the medium to its potential. Part of the reason he can do this is because of his knowledge in the Occult.   There will always be three types of readers that walk away from a Grant Morrison story: (1) Those that had no idea what happened and did not like it, (2) Those that had no idea or little idea what really happened but enjoyed the story and (3) those who understand the messages between the lines.   Wit...

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It's all becoming clear... 0

Once again let me preface this for you, I read this once when it first came out and then each time another issue came out I've re-read this issue to refresh myself.  So now I've got all 6 issues and I'm re-reading the whole lot and it's finally starting to make some sense.    Now's the time for me to review them.       Okay going to start out with a pet peeve I mentioned in my review of issue 3, Red Robin's depiction by the artist. Once again he's too big, he's only about 16-18 and the suit look...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

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