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Back on form

Once again let me preface this for you, I read this once when it first came out and then each time another issue came out I've re-read this issue to refresh myself.  
So now I've got all 6 issues and I'm re-reading the whole lot and it's finally starting to make some sense.    Now's the time for me to review them.  
So this issue get's back on form, a bit slow going with the introduction of Hex but it establishes a few things around the 'box'. I loved the interrogation of Catherine, it made little sense before but like a lot of this series reading as part of the whole it makes a lot more sense. Inane ramblings become coherent statements and the references to immortals, dark gods and extinction are great in the larger context of final crisis and the prediction. Also more refences to the bells, a continuity reference that has existed throughout, I love how well thought out this is and the symbolism of the story as a whole is fantastic (pearls).  
Some really good art here, the scenes in the rain are very detailed but didn't like Bruce's smile or Dr Wayne exiting that room but that's just nitpicking a damned good issue.  

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