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The Disillusionment Continues

I am in the minority that is just not impressed with this mini series. We've essentially reached the turning point in which Batman starts to take on more of the characteristics of Batman, but still, month after month, I drag my feet to read this. As another reviewer pointed out, if not for the Bruce Wayne name, this comic would not find it's way into my shopping bag. I understand Grant Morrison's style is one of gradual plot development and cryptic story elements. I like Grant Morrison, I really do. Some of his early work on Doom Patrol and the Invisibles are comics that I adore and would run into a burning building to save, but this just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Frankly, a mythology is being built around the Wayne family that I could care less about. The box, Dr. Thomas Wayne, etc. just not interested. It hurts me to say this because being both a Morrison and Batman fan, I expected to be floored. I give three stars because as with all high caliber writing, the big payoff could be coming. Grant's style is one that wouldn't surprise me if I realized the genius of the series in the last panel of the last issue. Until that moment hopefully comes, I just can't really give my stamp of approval. 

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