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The Good  

The only good thing is the title, if this was called the return of anybody else I wouldn't read and its hard for me to say this because I'm a batfan.  

The Bad  

The story is boring this box that is supposed to help the story come together doesn't get enough importance to make me care about it. Since he is jumping through time you only get to see most of the characters once, which makes it almost impossible to remember or care about them. This is a problem because here the blonde girl says my grandfather  told me to give the box to the stranger who is this nameless girl? I'm guessing she's the granddaughter of the guy who was in the ship with bruce (who btw I can't remember his name) Also this box is important but we don't know much about it, we should get some more info since families are being destroyed for it. The art also bothers me, because if some of this characters are related there should be thing in them that when you see them you can relate them to their ancestors. I really want this to just end and I pray that Bruce's arrival to Gotham will be exciting. 


If you are a batfan like me you're gonna have to read this boring number if not just go read something else. If you want to read something that bat related and cool, read the Widening Gyre, that was some quality reading.

it reminds me of Johna Hex

Posted by sasarai
@THE ZEPPELIN FAN: Never read it, but it doesn't sound good, heard the movie was bad.
Posted by comicbookheretic

Jonah Hex the comic is fantastic.  Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray craft a fantastic book every month.  Great one and done stories.  The movie is not a reflection on the comic.  The creators had little to nothing to do with the movie.

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