baker1skter's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 - The Bones of Bristol Bay review

Bruce the pirate!

The Short and Sweet Review!
The Good
-Grant morrison has this special tone/mood when writing Batman stories that is very attracting, this issue is well written and contains pirate diction which adds to the setting for the story.  I wasnt a fan of the pirate dialogue, but i liked the conversations between Valor and Bruce. And the diary that valor had kept tell he was an old man was interesting. Not to continue to  rave about the writing, but overall it was a strong script and added to the mysterious and dark tones conveyed.
-I liked how he put on the cape as a make shift Batman costume, it sort of brings back Bruce as Batman! 
-Its cool to see the progression as these minor characters age Bruce stays the same.
- The cave scene was good especially when Bruce saw his Batman suit. Brought back old memories(tear tear). Which brings me to say i like the incorptation of the bat people in here.
-The artwork was much better in this issue than the last one. I loved the detail of the setting, which the colorist really brought out. The color had much darker shades and colors which portrayed a more unsettling setting. The shadowing was top notch as well.
-I think the regular cover is much, for lack of a better word, cooler and contains more detail than the variant.
The Bad
- I cant stand the faces of the people, it just doesn't look good to me.  
- I wasn't a fan of the beginning it wasn't very catchy and was kinda confusing(for me)
- Overall, there wasnt much that i didnt like or didnt think was right.
The Grade
4.5/5! Morrison has been very consistent with this series and has put out great issues every month! I know every  following issue to be in the 4-5 range!  So pick this up its a great. read!


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