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Avast, a letdown

Once again let me preface this for you, I read this once when it first came out and then each time another issue came out I've re-read this issue to refresh myself.  
So now I've got all 6 issues and I'm re-reading the whole lot and it's finally starting to make some sense.    Now's the time for me to review them. 
Okay so issue 3 and we're starting to get some exposition in the form of the justice league to explain some of this crazy ride Morrison is taking us on, now this is a good a place as any to start with my first major criticism of this series. The artist is lazy and disrespectful. Why would I say this? Well look at the justice league, for a start both Red Robin and Damien are drawn way to big and bulky for their ages (yes Damien is in a exosuit but even then he's as tall as Dick) plus Tim's Red Robin suit has since been updated to fit in with his own image. It's no longer a tunic and the belt is different, now some might say this is nitpicking but the suit changes are symbolic of Tim's growth as a character and given the amount of detail Morrison puts into detail of a story it's disrespectful of the artist not to do the same for the art. I think he spent more time researching wonder woman's breasts than the other characters. In fact looking around that Justice League table everyone's got big breasts, even cyborg!! 
Some lovely touches in here too though, like Hex's dead man's hand  but overall this issue doesn't really do much except fill in a few blanks with the JLA and Miagani. Looking at the pirate cover you'd expect a lot more from it but the pirate stuff could have been left out really as it didn't seem to add much to the overall story. You cant miss this issue out but on the same scale you wont be enamoured with it.
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