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Still don't like it

 First of all I'm a big fan of pirates and Batman so needles to say I was really looking forward for this particular number. That said I'm gonna stat with the good. 

The Good 

I think that the art in this (an all the other comics in this volume) is great, simply amazing, the way Batman is portrayed even though he is not in costume is breathtaking. The visual part helps create a mood that essential to any batman story. I liked the parts where the JLA and the rest of the bat-family appeared, because just look how many people have gathered to stop Bruce, one guy, no costume, no memory and they still scared of what he is capable, this is the kind moment that makes me love batman even more. Also this scene proves that they didn't do a good job with the crime scene after the crisis, shame on you JLA, Batman taught you better. 

The  Bad  

Well as I said in the beginning I was looking forward for this issue ever since the cover was released and really what a disappointment. The pirates were mostly unnecessary, yes they were searching for treasure and that lead them all to the cavern but I feel that everyone of these issues has to have a "theme" and I don't think it's really necessary. The most important thing of all is that were in issue number 3 and we have no more info that we did at the end of number 1. Bruce is jumping in time and if goes back to present day Gotham something bad is going to happen, that's all we know. 


If the main character wasn't Bruce most likely I wouldn't read this but since this issues are the one that are going bring him back I have to, next issue is about cowboys which I find completely boring but I hope it surprises me. I really hope there is something at the end of the this volume that makes having pirates, pilgrims and caveman more sense but I doubt it, but hopefully next issue will answer something.
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