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"Bat-People, eh?" 0

The Return of Bruce Wayne checks into the pirate era, as Bruce Wayne continues his dangerous adventures throughout the time line.    What You Need To Know. Batman was sent on an adventure through time by Darkseid's Omega Sanction, hoping that Batman would do what he always does, survive.  In doing so he may have set off a chain reaction that could destroy time as the DCU knows it.  Batman is apparently aware that is what's going on, and against seemingly all the heroes notions, he intends to fix...

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Bruce the pirate! 0

The Short and Sweet Review!  The Good -Grant morrison has this special tone/mood when writing Batman stories that is very attracting, this issue is well written and contains pirate diction which adds to the setting for the story.  I wasnt a fan of the pirate dialogue, but i liked the conversations between Valor and Bruce. And the diary that valor had kept tell he was an old man was interesting. Not to continue to  rave about the writing, but overall it was a strong script and added to the myster...

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Holy Yo Ho Ho, Batman! 0

Plot & Action: It's Batman in the pirate period! I have to say, Bruce never showed up in that Bat-pirate costume. That was a bit disappointing. With the clear art and talking characters, this chapter is the one that makes the most sense. It's a pretty straight forward plot: Bruce helps Blackbeard find some treasure to save the life of a young boy, but there's some Morrison twists along the way. It's nice to see parallels be made, Bruce starting to remember, and to see what modern day heroes ...

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Batbeard the Pirate 0

I've been pretty critical of this mini series so far, but this was the best issue yet. Paquette's art is a welcome change from the awkward visuals of the second issue, and the storytelling finally seems to be progressing a little better. Now before, I get anyone's dander up, let me say now that I love both Batman and Grant Morrison, but I am still a little suspicious about the execution of Bruce's return. I'm glad that there was more action than the typical cryptic dialogue we've seen so far. Th...

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the return of bruce wayne 0

   rbw - Broadcast your self LIVE  ...

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Return Of Bruce Wayne #3: The High Seas 0

The Bones Of Bristol Bay. Return Of Bruce Wayne #3 is now, Bruce takes to the high seas in this issue. Bruce has just witnessed the evil of witches and monsters, now he will have to battle pirates and Blackbeard himself to continue through time. Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving teamed up to do issue 2, now Yanick Paquette (Seven Soldiers: Bulliteer) takes off where Frazer Irving left off. Prepare for an ultimate adventure of pirating, Bat-people, and heroes. Issue 3 is 40 pages.  The Good Fr...

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Still don't like it 0

 First of all I'm a big fan of pirates and Batman so needles to say I was really looking forward for this particular number. That said I'm gonna stat with the good.   The Good   I think that the art in this (an all the other comics in this volume) is great, simply amazing, the way Batman is portrayed even though he is not in costume is breathtaking. The visual part helps create a mood that essential to any batman story. I liked the parts where the JLA and the rest of the bat-family appeared, bec...

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Digging Deeper in Bruce's Past #3 0

Grant Morrison is acclaimed because he is one of the few writers who really push the medium to its potential. Part of the reason he can do this is because of his knowledge in the Occult.   There will always be three types of readers that walk away from a Grant Morrison story: (1) Those that had no idea what happened and did not like it, (2) Those that had no idea or little idea what really happened but enjoyed the story and (3) those who understand the messages between the lines.   With Gr...

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Avast, a letdown 0

Once again let me preface this for you, I read this once when it first came out and then each time another issue came out I've re-read this issue to refresh myself.  So now I've got all 6 issues and I'm re-reading the whole lot and it's finally starting to make some sense.    Now's the time for me to review them.       Okay so issue 3 and we're starting to get some exposition in the form of the justice league to explain some of this crazy ride Morrison is taking us on, now this is a good a place...

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