the_cyan_lantern's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2 - Until the End of Time review

Bruce Is Coming Back, But Did You Understand It?


   Picking up directly from issue 1, Bruce has entered 16th century where he is know as "Brother Mordecai' (or Witch- Hunter Batman). When he arrives he meets Annie who has made deals with her gods. Meanwhile the Gotham Colony is in the middle of a witch hunt and it will take "The World's Greatest Detective" to convince the town's people and especially Brother Malleus to show them that they are wrong.

The Good:

   As you may remember when we left off at issue 1, nearly 99% of us were wondering "How the hell did Bruce time traveled?". This issue answered that in way it takes a revelation at the end to understand. Reading through you start to see names like "Brother Mordecai" and unless you are reading Grant 24/7 you forget little tib bits like that. It might sound like a complaint but I really like how that's Grant's style. And to be honest I hated how Frank Irving's Batman & Robin #13 covered look so I was a little iffy, looking through I changed my mind on his style. 

The Bad:

   The only bad was how Hal, Superman, Rip and Booster had a little scene where they explain how would Bruce effect time when he comes back. Maybe it's just me but that left me a little unsatisfied.

 My Vote: 4 out of 5

   Overall great and explained his mystery jump (although he does it again). This issue had me reading it again 3 times and even Batman & Robin 10, 11, and 12 to fully get it but well worth it     

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