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"Until the end of time." 0

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2.  In the second installment of the 6 part return, Bruce arrives in Puritan Gotham City, as his adventures continue towards, hopefully, his return as Batman.  Also the heroes seen at the end of the last issue take a more prominent role in their search for Bruce.   What You Need To Know. Bruce Wayne was sent back in time, thanks to Darkseid at the end of Final Crisis.  Somehow Bruce wound up at the beginning of mankind, where he fought until an eclipse brought ...

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Ye Olde Gotham 0

Plot & Action: From the Man of Bats to Puritan Bruce Wayne. We get a pretty decent story set in puritan time as well as another piece to the Wayne/Gotham puzzle. We also get more explanation on why Superman's team is hunting down Bruce. That part was well-received as I'm glad to get some explanation. On all fronts, there is definite storyline progression.Character Work: The detective is back in action. I know Bruce isn't Bruce fully, but his characterization here is really good. He plays the...

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Bruce Is Coming Back, But Did You Understand It? 0

Summary:   Picking up directly from issue 1, Bruce has entered 16th century where he is know as "Brother Mordecai' (or Witch- Hunter Batman). When he arrives he meets Annie who has made deals with her gods. Meanwhile the Gotham Colony is in the middle of a witch hunt and it will take "The World's Greatest Detective" to convince the town's people and especially Brother Malleus to show them that they are wrong.  The Good:   As you may remember when we left off at issue 1, nearly 99% of us were won...

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Morrison Ups the Ante 0

Well our story of Bruce Wayne's return continues and this issue does not dissapoint  As if the climax of last issue did not make the story a Grant Morrison story, the much larger section about Hal, Superman, Booster, and Rip certainly nails in the feel. I wasnt too sure with how I felt about that last issue, but after what transpired and some more information being revealed I really dig this part of the story. On a random note the bit about the Universe ending in 9 minutes and what not really re...

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A more gothic Gotham 0

Once again, Grant Morrison has evaded my expectations. Every time I think I know what he's going to do, he does something entirely different. Love him or hate him, he is undeniably a genius.   Anyway, on to the Return of Bruce Wayne #2. When Final Crisis ended, everyone wondered "why didn't Darkseid just fry him? This is lame." Well to those people, this issue, Grant Morrison says "that's why", and damn is it satisfying.   When Grant Morrison would say that he had his entire Batman saga planned ...

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More Head Scratching and Another Action Figure 0

In this issue Batman is a Puritan. While I did like the scenes depicting his innate detective skills beating out superstition (perhaps a reference to his old origin line "Criminals are a superstitious lot"), so far I feel this mini has been dragging. Interwoven here are so far nonsensical vignettes of Batman out of time, and the coalition of Superman and friends (who for some reason Frazer Irving draws poorly despite his otherwise good artwork), gallivanting around the cosmos. We're talking abou...

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short n sweet look 0

Grant Morrison showed off his "Ye Olde' tricks" which was a little stale. The art i didn't care for. the cover was "meh". the story was okay.... a little convoluted, but cool. it ties things together where bruce wayne becomes a pirate or what ever is going to happen in issue 3. from what i see online, bruce wayne looks like a pirate. i don't know, this shit bored me kind of. like as if it was a filler issue. if issue 3 sucks i'll be done reading this..... but it won't stop me from atleast gettin...

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Return of Bruce #2!! 0

The Short and Sweet review  The Good -Grant Morrison is an awesome writer, and never fails when it comes to a batman story. when it comes to batman, Morrison is a man with a plan! -i loved the writing, it was incorporated to the time period conveyed in this issue. it was never cheesy(in my opinion). Overall, i just had a good feeling on the writing.-i felt Bruce was a strong presence in this issue. - the storyline(so far) has been really well written and played out.   The Bad -The art was kind o...

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Return Of Bruce Wayne: Witch Season! 0

Until The End Of Time. Return Of Bruce Wayne #2 is here, this time Bruce is in a bit more civilized century. Or is it? Bruce Wayne just got through fighting Cavemen, now he is hunting Witches. Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse teamed up to write and draw the first issue. Now Frazer Irving (artist of Seven Soldiers: Klarion) takes off where Chris Sprouse last stopped. Bruce is done talking Caveman, and is now talking English. Issue 2 of Return Of Bruce Wayne is 40 pages.  The Good With the eve...

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Digging Deeper in Bruce's Past #2 0

Grant Morrison is acclaimed because he is one of the few writers who really push the medium to its potential. Part of the reason he can do this is because of his knowledge in the Occult.   There will always be three types of readers that walk away from a Grant Morrison story: (1) Those that had no idea what happened and did not like it, (2) Those that had no idea or little idea what really happened but enjoyed the story and (3) those who understand the messages between the lines.   With...

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Possibly my favourite 0

Once again let me preface this for you, I read this once when it first came out and then each time another issue came out I've re-read this issue to refresh myself.  So now I've got all 6 issues and I'm re-reading the whole lot and it's finally starting to make some sense.    Now's the time for me to review them.  So we're two issues in, I don't mind telling you first time I read this issue I was lost. I was thinking "Where the hell has this bloody monster come from? Why would it be in the olden...

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