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What's going on?

Okay so let me preface this for you, I read this once when it first came out and then each time another issue came out I've re-read this issue to refresh myself.  
So now I've got all 6 issues and I'm re-reading the whole lot and it's finally starting to make some sense. This is some crazy caper Morrison's created he's really integrated a hell of a lot of continuity into his work on the Batman universe. You've got to give the man credit, some writers are just happy to work on a Batman book I mean it's pretty much the pinnacle of a comic book career but Morrison he doesn't just want to write a bat book he wants to affect the mythos, to raise the bar on Bruce Wayne and his status as the best hero ever. 
 What I would suggest to anyone reading Morrison on Batman is consider you're comic-reading style. If you like tight plots with twists and some serious layers to it then Morrison is for you, but if you prefer simpler stories with less active continuity issues and re-reading then I would advise looking at the other Bat-books (I highly recommend red robin). One key thing though, reserve all judgement until you've got all the issues (or a trade) and have took time to carefully read and think about each panel.    

I wont go into detail on this book as it would be unfair to those who haven't read it, but I would say I'm going to write a review for all 6 issues and encourage you to read them all. For this particular issue, I would say it's a great start and the art is damned good. However, given how much is involved in this story a catch up page or something should have been put in, it's no jumping on point.
Good on it's own, spectacular as part of the whole story.
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