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We Need More Comics Like This

The Story: 

Loyal members of the League Of Assassins seek to resurrect Ra's Al Ghul in a plot that involves Damian Wayne. Batman races to Nanda Parbat to stop Ra's Al Ghul and save his son. 

My Thoughts:

The collective writing team of Grant Morrison, Paul Dini, Peter Milligan, Fabian Nicieza and Keith Champagne craft a compelling and well thought out story bringing back one of Batman's most formidable foes. This riveting story captures your complete attention from the very beginning. This is exactly the type of comic stories we need more of. 

I liked Damian Wayne's characterization. In Batman And Son I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about Damian. I'm still not completely sure but I find his character far more interesting and fun to read now. It's funny how cavalier he tends to be. He certainly has issues and needs proper guidance but it wont stop you from wanting to read more about him. 

I also enjoyed seeing what the writers did with Tim Drake. If you've kept up with his character then you know he has a lot on his conscious, particularly the death of his father. Seeing him at a crossroad and the decision he made relating to the offer he was presented was a nice addition to the story. 

Ra's Al Ghul has to be one of the best Batman villains there is. It seems he's destined to cheat death and the lengths at which he is willing to go to succeed at it is what makes him such an awesome villain. I'm curious to see what type of problems he will pose for Batman in future issues. 

Of course seeing Batman displaying his detective abilities was fun to read. It's always great to see him solve everything by his incredible deduction skills. Watching him switch from detective mode, to skilled combat fighter, to concerned parent is what made this such an exciting comic to read. 

The art is by David Lopez, Jason Pearson, Tony S. Daniel, Freddie E. Williams II, Don Kramer, Carlos Rodriguez, Ryan Benjamin and David Baldeon. With so many different artists contributing to this comic, we have a few different styles of art. For the most part the art was excellent. There was one particular style I didn't feel fit well with the rest. Otherwise the tone of the art really suited the story. I loved the way the action sequences were captured and presented. 

If you're a huge Batman fan then this is definitely something you'll appreciate. It seems after every new Batman comic I read, I become more and more attached to his character. He truly is one of the best comic characters ever created. I highly recommend reading this comic.  

Rating: 5/5

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