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Collects the following stories:

  • "Batmans origin" from DETECTIVE COMICS 33 (1939)
  • "The case of the honest crook " from BATMAN 5 (1941)
  • "The secret life of Catwoman" from BATMAN 62 (1950)
  • "Robin dies at dawn" from Batman 156 (1963)
  • "Batman nobody knows" from Batman 250 (1973)
  • "Jokers five way revenge" from Batman 251 (1973)
  • "Night of the stalker" from Detective comics 439 (1974)
  • "Death strikes at midnight and three" from DC special series 15 (1978)
  • "Wanted: Santa Claus-dead or alive!" From DC special series 21 (1980)

A good old fashioned crime story.

  • "Dick Sprang remembers" from detective comics 572 (1987)

Double splash page that features many things that Dick Sprang illustrated.

  • "...My beginning...and my probable end" from Detective comics 574 (1987)

Delves in to Batmans origin story.

  • "Favorite things" from Legends of the dark knight 79 (1996)
  • "24/7" from Batman: Gotham knights (2002)

Foreword by Les Daniels.

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