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It's Easy to Be Different, It's Hard to Be Better

I have a couple of problems with The Dark Knight Returns. The first being (and this goes along with all Miller stories) there is very little dialogue. But the major problem is the storytelling, Miller seems to be so obsessed with the feelings of Batman that he forgets he's writing a comic book. Most of the novel is just a set-up for disappointment. For instance take the Joker storyline. The Joker's rehabilitation is set up throughout the first two issues but only 5 pages are dedicated to a very weak battle between himself and Batman. This also occurs with Two-Face. I also really don't like the idea the the entire novel is incoherent in plot. The plot becomes so muddled and confusing that the majority of dialogue comes from news bulletins, just so the reader can maintain some sort of correlation among what is happening. I understand what Miller is trying to do, but it just doesn't fit the comic book world. He wants to make a movie, not a comic.

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