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The most epic Batman book ever written. 0

I bought this book with high expectations. More or less, those expectations were met with what is hailed as one of, if not the greatest Batman graphic novel in history.I really enjoyed this book, Frank Miller does a great job of sucking you into a world with an even darker Gotham City. Make no mistake, this is Batman at his darkest.The world feels utterly bleak and taken over by crime and corruption, particularly by a gang called The Mutants. First and foremost, it's important to know that this ...

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An Amazing Batman story!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0

This is a great batman story and a cool future. I like this story because its dark and Frank Miller really brings it to life. It shows Batman had giving up crime fighting,but comes back after seeing whats happened. It also features a new robin,which was cool,but my favorite thing in the story is Batman vs Superman and its amazing and shows to great heroes fighting. I'm giving it 5/5 because its a great Batman story and fans should read it....

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One of a kind!! 0

Frank Millers Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is hands down the best futuristic Batman story ever wrote! The story begins with action and anticipation from page one. The story is based in a future Gotham City were the name Batman is a myth or legend. Commissioner Gordon is working his last year as Commissioner of Gotham when a group of outlaws calling themselves mutants take crime into there own hands. Bruce Wayne is buried away in his mansion remembering the days he graced the cape and cowl. Br...

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It's Easy to Be Different, It's Hard to Be Better 0

I have a couple of problems with The Dark Knight Returns. The first being (and this goes along with all Miller stories) there is very little dialogue. But the major problem is the storytelling, Miller seems to be so obsessed with the feelings of Batman that he forgets he's writing a comic book. Most of the novel is just a set-up for disappointment. For instance take the Joker storyline. The Joker's rehabilitation is set up throughout the first two issues but only 5 pages are dedicated to a very ...

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Written in 1986 you say? 0

Yowzah. Sometimes a "classic" has its positive reputation for good reason. This is one of those times. I'm not saying this is the best story I've ever read, but it was pretty good - aside from all the violence and language and whatnot, perhaps somewhat typical of Frank Miller. The pacing is impressive, especially considering the layers upon layers of intersecting stories, subplots, and characters weaving in and out of focus. The addition of the new enemies makes sense for a story a decade or so ...

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Batman Returns! 0

It is 1960s “Batman” vs. 1980s “Batman!” Guess which one will win!Introduction:For many years, I have actually grown up with the darker version of Batman when I was little, thanks to the animated TV series that came out of the 90s. But a few years back, I have realized that there was a 1960s TV series where Batman seems a bit campy, but I had enjoyed it for what it was. Now, I had heard of a particular “Batman” story that was the one that really changed Batman’s character over the years and that...

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Awesome take on one of the greatest comic-book characters of all time 0

Before Frank Miller wrote Sin City and started to suck, he was famous for his run on Marvel's Daredevil and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.The story is about an old Bruce Wayne becoming Batman again but he soon comes face-to-face with not only the Mutant gang but The Joker and Two-Face as well. Pro's:- The art is great because it capture's the tone of the graphic novel and I like how Frank Miller uses the colors.- The plot is interesting because you have Batman who's fighting crime again despi...

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Batman - The Dark Knight Returns 0

I recently delved back into reading comics after a long absence. I was never an avid comic book fan but I did like to dabble from time to time. Batman The Dark Knight Returns was the first Batman TPB I picked up, I decided to read this first before reading some of the more contemporary Batman to try and get an understanding of where Batman came from, not in the sense of Batmans origins but in the sense of how writers were perceiving him and the world of Batman. One of the first things that jumpe...

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Reviewed: The Dark Knight Returns 0

The book that revolutionized Batman. What made him the dark and brooding man he is today. Surprisingly, not very good. In The Dark Knight Returns, Bruce Wayne is a haggard and retired old man. Unhappy with his retirement and living in a dark and grim world where Batman is needed, Bruce Wayne dons the cowl again. He also has the company of young Carrie Kelley, the Robin of 1986 on his side. First off, This novel is very dark and gritty. Almost unnecessarily so. In a Gotham City where Mutants run ...

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