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A series of disturbing events captivates Gotham City as citizens turn on each other all across town. But when toxicology reports turn up negative, it's left to Batman to determine the source of the problem, bringing him into an encounter with Tweedledum and Tweedledee at an entrance to the mysterious "Wonderland." With Jim Gordon occupied on a tragic, high-profile case, and madness beginning to take root across the city, can Batman find the source of it all before it's too late?

General notes: White Rabbit's appearance is cover only.

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Almost There 0

I was wondering why I didn't hate this issue as much as the other ones - Oh, because Finch wasn't actually the writer. I'm not a huge fan of his steroid-like artwork either, but it doesn't bother me as much as his writing. Luckily we're moving on to the awesome Hurwitz in a couple issues. This was essentially a one-shot with The Mad Hatter. I only know him from the animated series so I don't know how he's usually portrayed in the comics. I really did not like the demented look in this issue.Over...

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Whatever... 0

For the first and only time, I was interested in seeing White Rabbit in this issue. I thought maybe we'd get some resolution to this crap FINALLY, and a story with her and other Wonderland themed Gotham villains? That actually sounds like a reasonable excuse to have her, even if it doesn't excuse her costume. And then she doesn't appear in the issue at all. Oh, screw you TDK. Screw you right to hell.It's a surprise that White Rabbit doesn't show up, because series regular artist David Finch is f...

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Where's White Rabbit? 0

Storywise, Dark Knight #8 was kind of a let down -except for the Jim Gordon sequences; however, Ed Benes' art was superb... too bad he left Red Lanterns, but he is just as welcome in this book.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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